Facebook introduces Lead Ads to revolutionize form filling

No one loves filling out forms, it’s a sort of hassle that advertisers and marketers always had to deal with. But Facebook intends to change this whole thing soon enough. Facebook wants to revolutionize the way you fill forms. Who has all of people’s data already filled out? The answer is Facebook. Can everybody manage how much data they want to share to a third party when using Facebook? Yes, they can. So what were they waiting for? Now, Facebook has introduced “Lead Ads” which allow advertisers to make actions like “Subscribe”, “Submit” etc. really easier for users without them having to fill up complex forms and enter their data again and again which really kills the joy out of most technological processes.

Anyone going through this flow can easily edit their contact information and no data goes to the advertisers until and unless the user has clicked on the submit button.

Facebook introduces Lead Ads to revolutionize form filling

Right now the “Lead ads” testing is limited to only a handful of businesses around the world. As Facebook will collect more and more sample data and gets more deep insights into how this new concept can revolutionise the way people sign up for things, we would get to know that how soon this thing will see the light of the day.

We are pretty stoked about this new announcement by Facebook which would surely be loved by Marketers, advertisers and the like!

Folks who do heavy CPA marketing and other related stuff would also find this news a great move into further simplifying their business and leads generation process.

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So what do you think, is this change for the good or bad?

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Facebook introduces Lead Ads to revolutionize form filling

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