Intel Core i9 11900t processor leaked online!

Geekbench single-core benchmark score exceeds 1700 points!

There’s news that Intel will launch a 35W TDP model desktop processor with the suffix T every year, and OEM manufacturers’ small-volume office machines will use this one. Now, the Core i9-11900T model in Intel’s upcoming 11th-generation Core desktop processor series has also been leaked online in Geekbench benchmarks.

intel core i9 11900t geekbench leaks

We have learned that the Intel Core i9 11900T has 8 cores and 16 threads. Its clocked at a base frequency of 1.5GHz, turbo frequency of 4.9GHz, and has 16MB of L3 cache. For comparison, the previous generation i9-10900T had 10 cores and 20 threads, 1.9-4.6GHz frequency.

In terms of benchmark points, the Core i9 11900T single-core benchmark score is 1717 points, and multi-core score is 8349 points. In contrast, the previous generation of 10-core i9-10900T had single-core 1200-1300 points, multi-core was 8000-9000. The Core i9-11900T single-core running score has increased by 30-40%, which is the biggest inter-generational increase in recent years.

intel core i9 11900t leaks

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Intel Core i9 11900t processor leaked online!

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