Meta to Use European User Data for AI Training

Meta plans to utilize European user data to train AI, ensuring legal compliance and privacy protections. Updates effective June 26, 2024.

Recently, Meta announced it will use data from European users to train its AI, asserting this action is legally justified.

Meta stated that to enhance user experience, it will utilize user data for AI development and improvement. Users can oppose their data being used for these purposes.

The company’s privacy policy has been updated to reflect these changes, effective June 26, 2024.

meta policy update eu

This update has been communicated to European users via in-app notifications on Facebook: “We are planning new AI features for you. Learn how we use your information.”

Users can view the updated privacy policy, which explains that the specific information used depends on individual circumstances and may include:

  • User-created content such as posts, comments, or audio.
  • Messages sent or received from businesses, professional accounts, or Meta (including message content and metadata) with public features, subject to applicable laws.
  • Applications and features used by the user, along with their activities within them.

Meta has assured that private message content with friends and family will not be used to train its AI, providing relief to users of Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

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Meta to Use European User Data for AI Training

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