Google Nexus 6 Rumors and expected specifications

Google Nexus 6 Rumors and expected specifications -2
Google Nexus 5 was a big hit, what do you think about the Nexus 6 ?

Nexus is a well known series of smartphones from Google. Everyone eagerly waits for a new nexus device, and when the device is a nexus then there surely are rumors about it, about the expectations made by people and the leaks. Every time a new Nexus comes with some special features that surely poses a challenge to other phones. Nexus phones doesn’t need any introduction from anyone, the name Google purely defines its quality and obviously the technology which surely raises the expectations of the masses. Earlier Nexus built by just some advancement in the new features and adding some more stuff, but now its time to make it a bit better than all the competition if Google seriously wants to sell huge numbers. So let’s see some Google Nexus 6 Rumors and expected specifications.

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More Nexus 6 details :

Nexus 6 contain all advance features, and surely it will give a very tough competition to other contenders. According to the rumors, nexus 6 will come with a metallic body, a 20 MP camera,  finger print sensors à la the iPhone 5s and many more other features.

A phone with 20 MP camera will surely beat many others when it comes to  pixels clarity, and if its supports camera to 20 MP  surely it will be a hot selling point for the new Nexus and it will give a tough competition to other smartphones.

According to the rumors, nexus 6 built with finger print sensors, it can feel the presence of user and its built with thermo sensors, to detect heat from different users.
After those sensors, its time for its screen , its believed to be 5 inches with 2k UHD display which surely will be a good support for the 20 MP camera’s clarity checkout.

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Nexus 6 may have 4 GB RAM which will surely makes a difference in comparison with other smartphones. 4 GB is much more sufficient to support any function and any feature of this phone, and it is enough to beat any other flagship model of this year hands down.

After RAM , camera and screen, it’s time to talk about the build of the phone. The Nexus 6 may sport a metallic body. Many people like me who just got sick of using a plastic toy should prefer this metallic beast.

Well Nexus 6 is rumored to come with a true octa-core processor, which would make it a really fast smartphone and hopefully enough this phone will be more than capable to shoot and play 4k hd video on it.

Nexus 6 is expected to be launched by November 2014 and the price of nexus 6 is estimated to be around 800$.

UPDATE : Some rumors are suggesting that the Google Nexus 6 will be shelved away altogether and a new lineup called Android Silver will come up where Google will have very less involvement with the hardware stuff. Devices from makers like LG, Motorola etc. will be part of the Android Silver lineup which will get the latest updates and cutting edge features earlier before everybody else. Only time can tell how much truth there is to this rumor. As of for now we just want our Nexus phone! :v

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