Complacency & Why you don’t need it ?

Complacency – Either it is a vice or virtue it can’t be explained but from what I have seen I know that any successful person stays clear from one word and that is – COMPLACENCY ! 

Complacency and being Self- Complacent :

What does it mean ?

Complacency literally means knowing what you ought to do but still not working on it because of a false sense of satisfaction that all that needs to be done has already been done.
A self-complacent person is like a self-destructive time bomb, ticking away the value of his/her life with every passing second.

A.N.J’s pick on complacency :
“One who looses his vision of what has been done, what is being done and what is to be done in a false sense of satisfaction is the one who is Self- complacent”


Signs of Complacency :

Such a person wastes time idolizing others, cribbing about his failures, lack of opportunities, non supportive conditions and passes time without doing anything useful.

We must not forget the value of our single life and as we all know that : “Fate is what we make of it!”
So why not work towards a better future when we have the chance rather to repent later on our lost opportunities.
Every passing second is a reminder of what it could be had we worked hard to achieve something.

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Remember, it’s always in your hands to choose where you want to be, you can choose now or cry later.

Quit complacency today !

Start working for your dreams, because happiness is beyond superficial realms.
Say, the Zenith is mine !
The zenith is mine,
On the stars shall we dine
Oh I believe, I believe that everything’s gotta be fine ! ( Excerpt from A.N.J’s Zenith is Mine)
_A.N.J™ Original 

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Complacency & Why you don’t need it ?

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