The importance of a beginning : Why you should start?

The importance of beginning must never be overlooked. We all have great ideas, we all are great individuals. But we often find ourselves in situations where we feel,that despite of all our potential and ideas we are able to do nothing. This is because we know what we need to do but we just keep on passing it on for the next time, the next moment when we may feel good and the excuses range from the mundane to the bizarre. No matter what you do. You must begin. Unless you start, you can’t move ahead. Read this The importance of a beginning : Why you should start?  post by us regarding the importance of making a head start into anything that you want to be good at, or anything you simply want done. All that you have to think about is starting up. Your skills and mind will take care of the rest.

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The importance of a beginning : Why you should start?

Why you should start? An analysis.

You need to begin because all in all it’s the most difficult part. Let’s take an example, I have an idea about writing a novel about a story which I saw in a dream. I was discussing the idea with some of my friends. The more I talked the more I realized that if this idea is not implemented soon then I will be in a situation where I would feel that leaving the crazy idea of writing a novel would be better suited for me. See, this is what I call the pullback effect. Every idea of yours has a definite shelf life. If you don’t implement them within that creative state of mind then chances are that the idea would remain as such for a life time. The worse situation could be where someone else implemented that idea before you and you have absolutely no claim to the idea that was once solely your property.

If you just sit on your ideas, they will never hatch!

Many a times this would have already happened with you. When it happened to me I realized that just out of sheer laziness and fear of starting out, I lost few of my invaluable ideas.

Reading -The importance of a beginning : Why you should start?

Another strange problem that some of my friends discuss with me is that they don’t have the pre-requisite knowledge and experience to do something. When I started my online journey then this was true for me too. It doesn’t matter whether you know something or not. If you do start then trust me your instincts will guide you and you would know what to do.
Once a human is in do or die situation then either he/she will find a way out ( which happens most of the time to those who try ). Or in the worst situation we may face failure. But if you think carefully then failure would seem a rather wise decision than the guilt and regret of not trying!

Reading -The importance of a beginning : Why you should start?

So you must try, and you must begin if you wish to see your ideas coming to life.

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This motivational quote by Bruce Lee sums up all that this post stands for!

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The importance of a beginning : Why you should start?

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  1. Hi Aditya,

    It’s been six months since i started and we are in a new year now, I have resolutions for this year but if i keep them I’ll gain nothing out of it. That’s exactly what the quote means (by Bruce Lee). It’s time to start a new journey, keep learning and becoming an expert.


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