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Nvidia RTX Super lineup new details leaked, price & performance!

Is the Team Red in danger now?


Although the PC market has become saturated, this does not mean that the competition in this market is no longer fierce. In particular, AMD’s recent momentum has been so rapid that Intel and NVIDIA both are facing the heat right now! At the Next Horizon Gaming conference two days ago, AMD introduced the 16-core processor Ryzen 9 3950X and the Radeon RX 5700 series graphics card based on the new RDNA architecture. Most people are optimistic about AMD’s new products. But Intel and NVIDIA have been really quick to point out the problems. Intel will launch a standalone GPU i.e. the Xe next year. Similarly, NVIDIA will launch a new Nvidia RTX Super lineup this month to challenge AMD’s price/performance claims.

AMD said that the main competitor of the RX 5700/5700 XT graphics card is NVIDIA’s RTX 2060/2070, which is 5-20% and 5~22% ahead in terms of the performance. But HardwareLuxx reported that NVIDIA found AMD to use 10 core built on 7nm RDNA architecture. The power consumption was still higher than Nvidia’s own 12nm Turing architecture products. So Nvidia said their energy consumption ratio is still ahead. NVIDIA listed its own and rival graphics cards TDP and TGP in the leaked PPT which we posted yesterday!

amd tdp and tgp leaked vs nvidia

Not only that but WccfTech also just posted that they learned from a reliable source about NVIDIA’s upcoming SUPER lineup product leaks. According to Lei Feng.com, igorsLAB and few other sources some more leaks have come out related to NVIDIA’s latest SUPER products. The information is almost identical to WccfTech’s information, except for the 2080 VRAM, which has been leaked in more detail now!

Previous rumours pointed out that the SUPER series will only have updated 2060, 2070, and 2080 GPUs. However, WccfTech confirmed that the SUPER series itself is a new product lineup and includes a new flagship product, the RTX 2080 Ti SUPER!

Nvidia RTX Super lineup launch date

(Yes, even the 2080 Ti will have a super version). Also, the release date is earlier than most people have pointed out!

The SUPER series might be launched on June 21st which means that we are only a week or so away from the Super Series launch!

nvidia rtx super lineup details leaked

Wccftech said that although they were told that NVIDIA is preparing to announce a new product on June 21, NVIDIA might still delay the release to July. NVIDIA is clearly aware of AMD’s already released Navi GPUs, which are designed to reduce the profitability of Turing-based GPUs and make them more competitive in the market.

This means that AIB (Add in Board Certified Partners) will start reducing the price of the existing RTX 2000 series of graphics cards. This is because the SUPER lineup will replace all products from 2060 to 2080 Ti. According to the news leaks, SUPER Ti products will be released later on, instead of with the non-Ti products. Although the final naming of the products has not been confirmed, it can be confirmed that the word SUPER will be used. NVIDIA may decide to use a different name altogether as well. When you consider the fact that it might be a bigger change then it does make sense for a new name!

RTX 2080 Ti SUPER will be a performance beast!

It turns out that there will be an RTX 2080 Ti SUPER variant with a brand new chip, which is really not an upgraded Quadro. If you unlock it, it means that you can achieve 300 watts of TDP (Thermal Design power, GPU power consumption) on the product. Higher power consumption often means higher performance. Don’t be surprised if OEMs come with some crazy custom design.

But there is no leaked information about the exact parameters and price of the RTX 2080 Ti SUPER! But I believe that this new product will have a higher core count and faster GDDR6 memory.

This is not an OC (OverClock) version or a non-OC version of PN-A. It is a new chip and will have a new PN. Because it is unlocked and has a higher TDP and a higher core count, the SUPER version of the GPU is expected to be much faster than the existing RTX 2080 Ti card.

In other words, consumers will get a more powerful GPU at roughly the same price or slightly higher. Unfortunately, depending on the source, the release of this product will not necessarily happen with the others.

RTX 2080

As for the RTX 2080 SUPER graphics card, the leaks have pointed out that it will use the unlocked non-OC 2080 Ti chip. Its core count is between the 2080 Ti and 2080 vanilla GPUs. Igor reports that this card will have 8GB of VRAM instead of 11GB and this card will have 3072 CUDA cores.

However, NVIDIA previously bundled VRM and VRAM (Video RAM) with a locking chip (non-OC) and provided VRM quality that was not optimal. This will change, as NVIDIA’s SUPER product line will have unlocked chips. So OEMs can deliver higher quality VRMs and deliver higher sustained clock frequencies and performance. The price of the RTX 2080 SUPER graphics card is expected to be similar or slightly higher than of the base 2080 GPU.


The RTX 2070 Ti SUPER graphics card will have a new chip and is positioned between the RTX 2080 SUPER and the RTX 2070 SUPER. The only thing we know is that it will be equipped with 8GB of VRAM. Few sources also hinted that the RTX 2070 Ti SUPER will also be postponed and will not appear in the existing SUPER lineup.


The NVIDIA RTX 2070 SUPER will feature an unlocked non-OC version of the 2080 chip with 8 GB of VRAM. The number of cores is expected to be between 2080 and 2070. And the price of the 2070 SUPER will be roughly close to the price of 2070 (or slightly above the upper limit). The core count of this card reported by Igor is 2560 CUDA cores.


The same is true for the RTX 2060 SUPER, which will feature an unlocked non-OC 2070 chip and 8 GB of VRAM. The number of cores is expected to be between 2060 and 2070. This won’t just be an upgrade in performance but also an upgrade in the VRAM. This is because the original RTX 2060 had only 6GB of VRAM. Igor reports that the core count of this card would be 2176 CUDA cores.

What will happen to the existing vanilla RTX 2000 series?

So the next question is, what happens to the existing Vanilla RTX lineup? NVIDIA has to abandon the pricing strategy of the old series. This which means that AMD Navi GPUs will have to compete with 2070 SUPER/vanilla 2080 to challenge AMD’s price/performance claim. AMD will have no choice but to respond to it and give up their suggested price and they might have to cut down on profits. The price war between AMD and NVIDIA has finally begun and in this consumers will win.

However, a lot of manufacturers are currently busy with the Radeon 5700 series and have been affected by the US government’s tariff policy. Although sources say that the SUPER series actually reduced costs, WccfTech was also told that Nvidia’s initial focus was on selling lock-free products. These would be the RTX 2080 SUPER, RTX 2070 SUPER and RTX 2060 SUPER GPUs.

NVIDIA has basically improved the performance of all products by a certain degree with the Super lineup. All this has been done while the price remains roughly the same. With the release of the cheaper vanilla series and the new SUPER series, gamers will get more powerful gaming products.

So guys what do you think? Who will win in the long run? Team Green or Team Red? Do let us know your thoughts in the comments section below! And don’t forget to subscribe to Inspire2Rise for more amazing tech content like this!

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