Snapdeal revamps website, not going app only

Snapdeal revamps website and it’s mobile application. What’s new on the official Snapdeal website?

Mobile App or Website based business? Two platforms with their own set of highs and lows. Many of e-commerce brands are now switching to mobile app platform only because a mobile or a phablet can replace web browsing and online shopping experience of a laptop. It’s easy to use and the interface is quick. Plus there are thousand payment gateways one can use to do shopping.

Snapdeal new design changes
Snapdeal revamps website, offers new design!

Snapdeal is one of the companies which has recently revamped their site along with mobile app. Anand Chandrasekaran, Chief Product Officer at Snapdeal along with his team wanted to create a digital platform which can list and handle trade of up to 12 million products. Also, the team wanted to make sure that the products get an uncluttered look along with an easy navigation and more focus on visual elements, which can help consumers analyze and buy better.

Snapdeal revamps website, the details

When it comes to site, the product team worked mostly on the UI part and speed of loading of the site. The speed of the site has seen a significant improvement. The UI made sure that the consumers can make quick selection on the first page itself in turn, reducing the number of steps involved into buying an product online. The overall design of the new site includes change in background of the red Snapdeal logo and adding more visuals and product information.

Snapdeal site revamp now official
Snapdeal revamps website amidst news that Flipkart is going app only!

For app, snapdeal has reduced the size up to 6MB, which is a breather for all app users. You don’t want your phone to hang because of an heavy app now, do you? As per Snapdeal Data team, over 80% of Snapdeal ‘s first time users and 90% of post purchase customers recommend the apps to their family and friends, thus revamping the app was very important for them. Now there are fewer crashes and 25% faster page load.

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Overall, snapdeal has made sure to work on category specific navigation and improved category grouping. It’s easy now for users to look for their products on the site using search queries. You can now bookmark your favorite categories and the homepage will tell you what all products you recently looked at. Both site and mobile app now provide you with all decision making information in a single view.

Snapdeal updates official site with new design

Now let’s see how users respond to this new site and app.

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Snapdeal revamps website, not going app only

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