Uber improves its app, at least for the partners!

Uber launches its new partner app in India

Uber has introduced it’s new application for partners i.e. the people who drive using the Uber app in order to earn money. The Uber Partner app was in need of an overhaul since long according to a lot of partners. Let’s discuss in more detail what all has changed and if there’s an opportunity to see any improved version of the app for riders.

The new app has been designed to improve the driving experience for drivers all over. Over a hundred drivers as well as courier partners from Bangalore were selected to be a part of the global beta launch and helped with feedback that helped to shape the product.

uber partner app update features

Right now in India the new app is only available to select driver partners in the town of Kochi and few courier partners in Chennai. But gradual global roll out will begin soon.

The launch of the new partner (drivers and courier partners) app is a key milestone for Uber. It truly reflects our commitment to the people who have been our partners in growth. We have built this app by listening to what they needed and shaped it alongside them – over 100 partners from Bangalore were a part of the global beta launch. Our teams spent time on-ground, interacting with partners through group sessions, ride alongs and in person meetings to gather inputs. Every piece of their feedback was important and it was incorporated into building an app that meets their needs, every moment of their journey,” said, Pradeep Parameswaran, Head of Central Operations, Uber India & SA.

Let’s talk about some key product features:

  • uber earnings tracker new featureIt has a new earnings tracker which will let drivers know how much they earned on their last trip just with a quick glance. This also makes the process of tracking progress very easy for drivers.
  • uber new status bar partner appThere’s a new and redefined status bar which provides partners with real time updates on market conditions around them and gives them a heads up in case of more trips nearby. When a driver taps on such an opportunity, the app will also provide optional navigation to that recommended area.
  • New and improved notifications: Now drivers can easily see messages about upcoming earning opportunities, feedback from the riders and more general info about their account.
  • New Driver Profile: It now gives drivers the opportunity to show others what they do outside of Uber and this way riders can learn more about their drivers and find new ways to connect with them.
  • uber driver app basics featureDriver App basics: It would be a comprehensive guide on how to get started with Uber and would be available soon to drivers in the upcoming months.

So that was it for this one? Do you drive for Uber? Or do you know someone who does? Then forward them this article so that they know what’s in store for them.

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Uber improves its app, at least for the partners!

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