Xiaomi Unveils 67W GaN Charger Set with UFCS Integrated Fast Charging and 1.5m 6A Cable

At Only INR 1950 or 169 Yuan.

On September 6th, Xiaomi has released a new 67W GaN charger set, which is now available on Xiaomi Mall for INR 1950 or 169 yuan.

The latest Xiaomi 67W GaN charger maintains a sleek white exterior with a circular design, measuring 32.2×32.2×50.3mm, and features the 67W logo on its surface.

The charger boasts a single USB-C output interface with fixed pins. This charger offers five distinct voltage outputs – 5V3A, 9V3A, 12V2.25A, 15V3A, and 20V3.25A – and supports Xiaomi’s exclusive 67W rapid charging thanks to a set of PPS voltage files at 11V6.1A.

Notably, it is also compatible with the UFCS 1.0 fusion fast charging protocol, allowing it to deliver high-speed charging capabilities to non-Xiaomi devices. Furthermore, the bundle includes a 1.5-meter-long 6A fast-charging data cable conforming to the C to C standard.

Xiaomi Mall sells similar data cables independently, priced at INR 398 or 35 yuan for a 1-meter length and INR 784 or 69 yuan for a 2-meter variant. Of note, Xiaomi previously introduced a 67W gallium nitride charger set towards the close of 2021.

In contrast to its predecessor, this upgraded iteration adopted the UFCS 1.0 fusion fast charging protocol, resulting in broader compatibility and faster charging support.

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Xiaomi Unveils 67W GaN Charger Set with UFCS Integrated Fast Charging and 1.5m 6A Cable

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