Xiaomi’s MI Bank 16000 mAh review


A lot of power banks have been launched in the recent past. Each one had a varying degree of success. The One plus power bank was praised by everyone for its looks while the ASUS Zenpower was something that everyone applauded for its compact size and form factor. Xiaomi managed to remain an overall winner in this segment with its daftly priced MI Bank (10,400 mAh) which sold online for a price of INR 999 and became everyone’s favourite because of the perfect price to performance ratio. Now that they have come up with an even higher capacity model which is now widely available, we set our teeth into it to know what new they have to offer this time around. So let’s just start our MI Bank 16000 mAh review without wasting much time!

MI bank 16000 mAh: Design overview.

Xiaomi MI Bank 16000 mah power bank review

The power bank has a sleek and tall design because of increased battery capacity than the 10,400 mAh model. It has dual USB ports so as to allow you to charge upto two devices at the same time. The exterior is a beautiful aluminium casing with a shiny matte finish with the MI logo engraved on one side. It is 350 g in weight and is slightly heavier than other power banks, this can also be attributed to the increased battery capacity. The dimensions of the device are 145×60.4×22 mm. The surface design is water and corrosion resistant and the CNC encasing can hold its own under a lot of pressure i.e. upto 50 kg of weight!

Xiaomi’s MI Bank 16000 mAh review: Specifications.

The MI bank of 16000 mAh is the highest capacity power bank sold by Xiaomi. It has a Lithium-ion rechargeable cell battery and input voltage 5.0V DC and output voltage of 5.1V DC. It has a 2 Ampere input current rating and a 2.1 A rating for output current. This explains why the power bank can charge any device quickly than conventional chargers as mostly they have 550 mA or maximum 1 A of output current. The power bank has a rated capacity of 3.75V or 16000 mAh to be precise. It comes with a maximum dual output of 5.1V and 3.6 Amperes when charging two devices simultaneously.

Xiaomi MI bank 16000 mAh inside components
Notice the inner cells as well as the components which have been encased in a 9 layer protective circuit.

How much time does it take to charge the MI bank, 16000 mAh?

This is a really tricky question. The amount of time it takes to charge this device is directly proportional to the charger you use for charging it back. If you use a 5V/2 Ampere charger then it would take around 9 hours to charge it fully from zero to 100%. With a 5v/ 1 ampere charger the power bank takes around 14.5 hours to charge fully from zero to 100%.

In our tests we used our default Motorola charger which was rated at 550 mA. It took us around a complete day to charge the power bank fully from zero to full charge. So mind you folks, do invest in a good power rating charger so that you don’t have to waste your complete days charging this battery monster!

Here’s a comparison video by us of the ASUS Zenpower power bank and the MI Bank.

MI power bank: Other features.

The power bank has load detection features as it can automatically detect plugging in and plugging out of devices. In terms of safety it comes with protection from over voltage, over current both in terms of input and output. The optimum charging temperature for the power bank is between 0? to 45?. The optimum discharging temperature ranges from -20 to +60 degree Celsius.

Under normal usage you can charge an iPhone 6 up to 5 times fully with this power bank and when we used it we could easily get around 5-6 complete charges for a Moto G 1st generation device.

The power bank has up to 93% efficiency in the charge to discharge ratio as claimed by Xiaomi and it comes with a power button to rest it if it stops responding for any reason at any point of time.

Xiaomi MI bank review: Conclusion.

The MI bank 16000 mAh retails for a price of INR 1399 on the official Mi.com website and it’s sold by RocketCommerce which is Xiaomi’s registered partner in India. You can buy the device on the days when flash sales are held or on some days the device is available even without registration. So try your luck folks, at the price on which this device retails it’s the best high performance power bank that money can buy for you! A truly value for money product if battery capacity matters a lot to you. For everyone else there’s the ASUS Zenpower which has a truly compact form factor as well as lightweight and efficient.

You can watch our full review video of the MI bank below.

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