YouTube paid channels service : Launched to Cash on?


The best thing about Google is also the worst thing. It tries it’s hand in every conceivable category. This time Google takes on TV with a blatant face with the launch of YouTube Paid channels service. YouTube is  currently the world’s largest video website, and it has a reach of over 1 billion. As Google said in March,“If YouTube were a country, it would be 3rd most populous after China and India.” The service has started with 53 channels as of for now. YouTube had every thing in place, a pay per view model, content advertising etc. all it needed was a paid subscription model. But we can’t expect it to serve as an immediate replacement to the existing services. Rather it can be seen as a move towards a future.

YouTube paid channels service : The features and details.

The paid channels are available for a free trial of 14 days. The subscription plans have prices starting from 99 cents upwards. There is wide variety of content available right now. Featured content right now ranges from HDnet, PGA Digital Golf Academy, UFC, TNA wrestling and many more. The subscribed user can view the videos on any device whether it’s mobile or PC. The link for the paid channels is here.

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“This is just the beginning. We’ll be rolling paid channels out more broadly in the coming weeks as a self-service feature for qualifying partners. And as new channels appear, we’ll be making sure you can discover them, just as we’ve been helping you find and subscribe to all the channels you love across YouTube,” as said by Google in a blog-post.

For those subscribing for a duration of more than a year special discounts are available. The service has been launched in 10 countries as of for now. This is seen as a welcome move by many as it will encourage more professional content. It’s clear from this move that YouTube wants to become a big provider for quality content.

YouTube paid channels service : How it stacks up against existing services?

youtube paid channels serviceExisting services like Hulu, Netflix and Vimeo are already playing well in their specific niches. Vimeo already offers videos on demand. Netflix is doing nice if not well in it’s space.

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Only time will tell whether YouTube paid channels service really catches flight or not.
As of for me, ” A monetized YouTube is sure shot way to loose viewership!”

YouTube paid channels service : Our Verdict.

YouTube has been a pioneer for online video freedom since a long time. We can only hope that these cash on schemes by Google don’t affect us.
And frankly enough, none of us would like to pay to watch something. At-least not on the Internet! And that too on YouTube!

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Watch CNet's take on YouTube paid channels service.

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