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Facebook is a definitive service in terms of social media. Facebook has made the world a more connected place, as Mark Zuckerberg has himself always stated. Facebook is great for connecting with friends, making new connections. But the downside of such extensive usage of social media is that it becomes time consuming to shuffle between the real and virtual world. Daily Facebook users, would agree with me on this point. There comes a point when we have to actually log out and focus on the tasks at hand. But Facebook has made it virtually impossible for the new generation to do so. People deactivate there accounts, But come back within a day or so. Some people on the other hand are the ones who realize that being on Facebook is not the only thing that’s important in their lives and choose to remove their accounts permanently. But Facebook is clever and doesn’t delete all the data at one go. So, we at Inspire2rise have come up with a step by step guide for you to learn How to get rid of Facebook completely.

 How to get rid of Facebook : How to get over Facebook Addiction.

The first step is for those who just want to decrease the time they spend online on Facebook. Those of us who don’t want complete deletion rather a way to effectively manage their time.
So here’s a step by step checklist for you to follow :-

1.) Accept that it’s unhealthy to spend more than 1/4ths of a day on Facebook.
Admitting to yourself that you have a problem is first step to cure the addiction. Ask yourself the basic question,

“Did my world change by just checking my Facebook notifications, thrice in fifteen minutes? Was it worth my time?” Accepting that you need more control over yourself is the first step.

2.) Mark a time for Facebook usage.
Defining proper intervals of time for which you will be using Facebook will also help you to get rid of the constant pangs you get. This will also help you to understand what exactly you log in to Facebook for, instead of mindless scrolling.

3.) Set objectives for the time spent on Facebook.
If you are an Internet marketer, blogger, or someone whose job is to build connections with people then set proper objectives and goals of what would you like to achieve in the time spent. For example : It could be like an objective of interacting with 10 potential customers per log-in session of 1 hour.
For an average person, it could be like : Checking birthdays of friends, talking to some near and dear friends. Accepting some requests, posting what you want your friend circle to know. And then logging off.

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4.) Search for other constructive things to do.
If you are a student, you should focus on improving your skills. Read novels, journals related to your discipline etc. etc. When you divert your time and attention to some constructive hobbies and things, then you will automatically find the urge to log-in constantly fading away.
If you are a blogger, or freelancer. Then focus on what you should be doing at that moment, rather than surfing through updates by others.

how to get rid of facebook inspire2rise guide
How to get rid of Facebook : Deactivate Account.

5.) Leave Facebook and join another service. Or try temporary deactivation.
Well this one sounds hilarious. But it does work. I deactivated my Facebook account for a month. And then the very next day I felt that I had to check what was going on. So, instead of going back to Facebook I made a twitter account. I wasted an hour or two, and after some time I was so bored that I logged out. And then I actually sat down to study.
Deactivating your account temporarily may also help you increase your focus.

Reading now :  How to get rid of Facebook

I re-activated my account then after a month passed.  ( And my exams were over!)

Now if you are one who is just completely fed up of Facebook and wants to learn how to get rid of Facebook permanently, then follow the steps below :

How to get rid of Facebook : Guide to fully delete Facebook Account.

When you deactivate your account it’s temporary removal/hiding of your info. On the other hand, deletion is permanent. Here’s how to get rid of Facebook permanently.

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1.) Go to the Account Deletion Page. They will tell you that the deletion is permanent and account won’t exist after that. But you came this far, didn’t you? Now, there’s no turning back 😛

how to get rid of facebook - permanent deletion of facebook account
How to get rid of Facebook : Delete Account.

2.) Click on Submit. Enter your current password, captcha.
3.) DON’T LOGIN FOR NEXT 14 DAYS. Now your account is completely deleted.

4.) Try to login after the 14 days are over. If you don’t get any message asking you to reactivate and are unable to login, then the account deletion is complete.

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