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  1. Well, indeed an amazing post!
    Yes, Facebook at times grows into an addiction for many BUT Facebook ain’t got any offense too!!
    Every utility developed bring human life and social interactions at ease, where supports one with its advantages, has some side effects too. It totally depends upon how it is being utilized by the user. What I feel is Facebook (if used in a better way) can ACTUALLY make many doors WIDE OPEN for one to increase one’s social potential, activeness and updates in technology and world with a collaborated connection with one’s personal life as well!!
    All one needs to do is USE Facebook the best way 😉

  2. What else need? Tremendous stuff Adi. It’s clearly visible that you have put much effort to build up this post. Getting engaged with society and involving with family are the quick yet effective remedies. Well done.

  3. Nice article. I deactivated at the beginning of the year and noticed how almost nobody bothers keeping in touch. Eventually I just decided I knew who my real friends were. I’m more than happy to see all the other “FB people” once or twice a year, say hi to them and leave it at that. Opted for permanent deletion and have not looked back at all.

    Since quitting FB I have started reading again, writing my own blog and doing some book reviews. I suffer from far less anxiety and depression too.

    That’s just me. FB may work for some people. It however upsets me that so many people are simply letting FB monopolize both the internet and communication itself.

    1. Sean, I am glad it worked out for you. Due to professional reasons I can’t completely quit Facebook. And I hate it for this. I hate how much essential it has become to use such a service which is consuming our lives!

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