Android Lollipop : “The sweetest thing you will have this winter”

Google Recently launched its latest android version, Android 5.0 , popularly known as Android L ‘Lollipop’ on its flagship Nexus devices and We are quite happy to tell you that this new ‘Android Lollipop’ is the sweetest thing you will have this winter. With this new update come a lot of new and exciting features and a handful of sweet little improvements. So before you get lost in the myriad of the features, lets us tell you more about them.

Android Lollipop : A quick roundup!

1. Android Lollipop Design

The new design and UI is much bolder now.
Colourful and responsive Material UI design will give you
consistent, intuitive experiences across all your
Natural motion and realistic shadows and lighting along with beautiful visuals will make it easier to use your device.

Android Lollipop material design models
“Google says that Material Design is based on the same design principles as paper this means app icons are designed to rise up when you tap them rather than sink down!”

2. Security
Now you need not enter your pass code every time you use your device. With Android Lollipop, you can pair your phone with a trusted device like an Android wearable and use it without much fuss.
Also the Lollipop now will encrypt your data by default making it safe in case your device is stolen or lost and with this, it joins the Apple ios 8.

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3. Android Lollipop: Notifications

Earlier you had to pull the notification tray from the top but now with Android Lollipop, you can check them right from the lock screen.
Lollipop allow you to check priority and sensitivity of the notifications, so now you can choose what you want to see and how much of it.
You can choose a list of favorite and you will get notified for them only, so a lot less disturbances during those lengthy meetings.

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4. Multiple Profile

Do you, like me, share your phone with your family sometimes?
And do you want to keep your things private from them?
The new Android Lollipop allows you to do that.
Not just that, but with multiple profile you can have multiple settings, each profile can have a different ringtone, different level of game and much more.
You can even access your inbox and contacts from your friend’s android phone if you ever forget your own.
Lollipop also gives the option of having screen pinned so the user can use only a specific screen. Isn’t it so cool?

5. Quick shortcuts
The new Lollipop offers shortcuts to normally use features like Bluetooth, WiFi, and others and makes it much more easier to get them On/Off. Brightness can be manually adjusted and the Lollipop then will pick it up for different ambiance settings. All in All, It makes everything a little more easier than ever.

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6. Now in 68+ languages
-15 new additions: Basque, Bengali, Burmese,
Chinese (Hong Kong), Galician, Icelandic,
Kannada, Kyrgyz, Macedonian, Malayalam,
Marathi, Nepali, Sinhala, Tamil, Telugu

7. Android Lollipop: Battery
The new Lollipop will help your device run for an extra minutes on Every charge thus increasing the efficiency of device.
It now displays the time remaining to fully charge phone when plugged in and time remaining to plug in the phone for charge both. So now you can be sure about your battery consumption.

8. And Many things more.
To be frank, listing down every new feature is kinda impossible, and you wont be able to even ccomprehendall those features at once.
ART- Android Run Time makes your apps work 4x faster now.
64 bit computing will allow PC level CPUs for your phone.
Google Ok will work more efficiently.

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USB media devices can be connected to phones now.
And ohh, so much more!

As I said, you will get lost in the myriad of all those new features thus making my point clearer, Android Lollipop is “the sweetest thing you will have this winter”. So what are you waiting for? Go grab it in its fullest form and enjoy the sweet Lollipop.

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Android Lollipop : “The sweetest thing you will have this winter”

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