CloudFlare upgrades to HTTP/2, major speed gains!

Cloudflare speed comparison http1 vs http2

CloudFlare upgrades to HTTP/2, the latest HTTP standard, the major change in HTTP protocol since 1999. It will result in up to 21% faster speeds and a great amount of speed difference for every CloudFlare user.

HTTP/1.1 wasn’t designed keeping modern day websites in mind. Nowadays there are so many external resources, images and content on even the most basic of websites that we need something faster than HTTP/1.1 to handle the way browsers handle each HTTP request. This is where HTTP/2 steps in, it uses multiplexing technology where in it downloads all of the resources in parallel and not in a sequential way which is done right now.

It also uses Stream priority and Header compression in order to make websites using CloudFlare even faster.

Cloudflare upgrades to HTTP/2: More details.

Google had brought forward the SPDY protocol which is still used by CloudFlare for HTTPS users and in case a user is using HTTPS provided by CloudFlare then they will automatically be upgraded to HTTP/2 and non HTTPs users would witness a better speed than before without having to do anything different.

Cloudflare’s basic plan is free and anyone can signup for Cloudflare. It makes the overall website experience much faster, and also reduces your server’s bandwidth usage.

We will continue to add information on this as we do a hands on test on different websites using CloudFlare and those websites which aren’t using Cloudflare!

If you are using WordPress you can use the W3 Total Cache plugin or the WP-Rocket plugin along with Cloudflare for major speed gains!

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You can read the official news announcement here. If you want to read more about the HTTP/2 standard then you can read about it here.

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CloudFlare upgrades to HTTP/2, major speed gains!

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