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  1. I don’t know why when i use this wordpress plugin on my site, it brings conflicts. For example when i combine/compress js files and css files, the site changes its look. First images disappears and server load warnings starts popping up.
    For now i am using quick cache while i learn a proper way to configure this Wp rocket plugin, it seems good. Thank you for sharing with us these tips.

    1. Every plugin needs some tweaking or adjustment so that it performs well on the site and server configurations it’s being run on. I am glad we could help you. Stay Inspired to rise. Keep visiting! 😀

  2. Good Article Aditya, with good coverage and key steps to install this plugin.

    This would be helpful for SEO Executives for using on their sites, it makes them easy to speed up.
    Thanks for sharing such good stuff with the users.

  3. Hii Aditya,

    You have shared a really great guide about WP-Rocket WordPress caching plugin. Recently, I had used this (WP-Rocket WordPress caching ) plugin on my blog and trust me it worked super fast for me. You explained its advanced options very nicely. Thanks for sharing.

    Keep helping us !!

  4. Nice information Aditya.. This article is very helpful to me and also helpful for those bloggers who want to know about such caching WordPress plugins!! 🙂

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