Ultimate guide to WP Rocket settings for caching WordPress

wp rocket settings guide by Inspire2riseCaching is one of the most important element in website speed optimization and SEO. But many website owners and bloggers tend to ignore it from time to time. And for such people, we now have the WP Rocket plugin. A simple plug-in at a great price and good features, which can help website owners relax without worrying much about their site performance. So today we are going to tell you about how to setup WP Rocket settings for best speed and compatibility. Though there are several free plugins out there like the W3 Total Cache, WP- Super cache and lots more but still the fastest page caching engine in our tests was of WP-Rocket. WP Rocket is a premium WordPress caching plugin which costs about $39 for the first year and renewal cost after that is $19.50. You can download WP Rocket from their official site wp-rocket.me. For setup and installation, simply follow the mentioned steps in this guide. Just make sure to remove all of the other caching plugins before starting with WP Rocket.

How to configure WP-Rocket WordPress plugin?

The complete configuration process takes about 3-5 minutes. First you have to activate the plugin by adding the license key. Once done, you wll be able to access all setup options available in the WP rocket panel, which you can see under the setting option in WP admin area. You also have the option of integrating your CDN service with the WP Rocket WordPress plugin.

WP Rocket Settings- Basic Options Tab:

When you choose the first option i.e. Basic Option, enable all the options by ticking them. But make sure to un-check “Enable caching for logged in users” because it will serve cached content to logged in users including the administrator. Also, confirm the selection of file optimization, choosing Java, CSS should be done with caution as it may lead to display of errors. Once done, save and check the site. In case there are some errors, simply untick the Java, CSS options. There is also an option of Minification and Concatenation. Minification is a process that removes all non required characters and spaces from CSS and Java. Concatenation reduces the HTTP request by combining all CSS and Javascript into files.
The filters which allow you to inline Javascript and CSS would work fine in most cases but tread with caution here too. You can minify HTML without running into much problems and set a far expires date, some upwards of 7 days i.e. 1 week would work fine for most users!

WP Rocket Settings- Advanced Options Tab:

The next option is to manage your advanced settings. It allows you pre-fetch DNS requests and empty cache when posting something on your blog or site. This tab also helps in reducing number of files in one, CSS and Javascript files to remove from minification.

Now it might be possible that your site may not function properly after enabling Minification. In that case, simply remove CSS and Javascript files by adding the file’s URL. To check your site’s all CSS and JS files, simply add the file URL into WP Rocket debug tool and will provide you with a list of those files.

CDN Option:

As per the name, this option is for CDN configuration. You can enable CDN network and set up a CNAME of your site.

FAQ/ Support Tab

WP Rocket has an amazing support service. You can directly submit support questions and team will reply to you ASAP. They also offer live chat support. And in case of any general queries, FAQ Tab is always there for you.

Here’s our video guide to WP Rocket settings in order to set everything up from scratch!

In case you still didn’t understood some things then feel free to comment below as we are always ready to extent a helping hand and solve your queries.
We can also setup this plugin and CDN manually for you under our service Cacheable.co initiative, but it’s paid as it requires a lot of time and effort to fine tune everything.
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Ultimate guide to WP Rocket settings for caching WordPress

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