The Decline of Blogosphere, is blogging dead?

Is blogging dead now? The year 2002-2006, years when the blogosphere was at a rise. Teenagers, professionals and people with niche interests started their blogs and gathered as many followers as they can without using much of social media platforms. Their content was good, to the point and what they wrote inspired and interested many. Google awarded them with decent organic traffic, it was all good, SEO was just a buzzword and not many had to care about it as long as their content was unique and read-worthy!

Thanks to new social media apps that can get you articles of your interest straight into your mailbox. Instagram and Pinterest are the new blogging means for many of us. Readers are fickle minded, always looking for new and interesting and acting like sponges that want to soak each and every interesting information available online. Though sounding like a threat, but then we bloggers can do a lot to improve our situation and maintain our spot in the blogosphere.

Why are people following fewer blogs?

A blog exists because of it’s readers only. A person can post as much content as they want, but if no one is reading then what’s the use? Since Google Reader was buried and Gmail started filtering blog posts into the promotional inbox of users, subscribers numbers are all time low. To maintain the list and keep it growing, make sure to share the posts via social media as much as you can. But in a certain limit. You don’t want to irritate your readers by posting too much. You can even ask your readers to contribute from time to time by asking them to write on a certain topic. And if the content is good, you can post their article with full credentials. Rebranding is another tool that you can use. Create it into something useful and helpful to which readers can turn into if they need something.

So Is blogging dead for real?

Truth is that conventional blogging as we knew it in its basic forms is almost dead. This is because of the fact that most of the people today have a blog, there are too many voices out there and it has become overcrowded. People are overwhelmed with the amount of content being put out daily. It has become a tedious chore to keep up with the tons of content put out there. Most of the time the good content gets buried deep under the pile of superficial content with click bait titles. So in order to stay relevant either you need to hire large teams of content writers to keep up with the big publishers and keep churning out relevant and latest content.

Or the second approach which can be more suited to people like you and me is to be unique and explore new avenues of expanding our current blogging methods. For example you can start making your own videos in order to supplement the existing textual content, apart from that focusing more on optimizing the delivery of content is important rather than the actual content itself these days!

So what can be the ways to optimize your content delivery? These few are our evergreen content promotion strategies and other tips to make sure that Blogging doesn’t go dead for you!

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Guest Blogging?

Many people underestimate the power of guest blogging. Sometimes even guest bloggers make a mistake of contributing to random blogs and not getting the desired output. Instead, you can guest blog for certain blogs that have a huge amount of following and interaction rate on their posts. This way, you also divert traffic towards yourself and your blog as well. Also, choose topics that you relate to. Don’t write something that you don’t have an interest in or don’t know about. Collaborate with blogs to start a competition or a giveaway to get your readers interested.

Reading now: The Decline of Blogosphere, is blogging dead?

Embrace social media changes!

You will notice that not many people comment on blog posts anymore. They prefer to share your posts and comment or interact on social media sites more. So, do not expect many interactions on the blog. Instead, embrace social media. Like it or not, social media will have a better reach to readers than your blog. With changing times, social media has also changed a lot. Rather being averted towards it, use it to your best!

On your blog, delete the comments section or make a provision where people cannot see zero comments. Some readers will judge your blog on the basis of a number of comments that you get. So, play smart.

Making money:

Monetization is important for blogs, you cannot earn money just by sharing your thoughts. Many DIY sites have now monetized their sites by converting them into apps as well. You can start running live workshops to help other people get started in the blogosphere. You can also become a brand affiliate and promote other brands on the blog.

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The Decline of Blogosphere, is blogging dead?

3 thoughts on “The Decline of Blogosphere, is blogging dead?”

  1. Hey man,
    I don’t think that blogging is dead. The thing is that the way we used to describe blogging in the past has changed over the years as a result of various updates.
    Blogging isn’t dead, in my opinion, as it is just evolving.

  2. Awesome advice on blogging. I truly agree with your ponts about content marketers. They earn more revenue than a blogger and spend less time in creating content than a blogger. Thanks for sharing these useful tip.


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