Ultimate guide on How to get traffic from Pinterest

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  1. Hi Shreya,

    Glad to see your tips on how to drive traffic from pinterest. Google gives more value for who has more repin of his content. It’s very useful so as to add Pin it button for each picture in your weblog submit.

    Thank you for your tips on Article pins which i learned from here. I will follow your tips to drive visitor from pinterest and also for increase re pin of my content.

    Kind Regards
    Yasin Rishad

  2. Hi Shreya Vaid,

    Pinterest is very good resource to drive massive traffic but it is not easy, we need to work on regularly and optimizing our pins and boards. You have shared a great guide. It is very useful for all those person who are looking for ways how to increase traffic using pinterest.


  3. Oh thank you Shreya for your article, We can get more traffic from facebook and Google+ ,but this is something new to me. Thanks to your tips. I wish I can drive more traffic from Pinterest to my blog one day.

  4. I like to follow your tips, I didn’t get much traffic from other websites. I’m expecting to get more traffic from Pinterest by following the tips. Thank you for this informative post.

  5. Great article – I’ve written a guide on leveraging sales from Pinterest that could be of interest! Do check it out too!

    www dot itpages dot com slash how-to-leverage-sales-from-pinterest

    Thank you, Tom

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