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  1. Adi, good post though I didnt get certain points like bread crumbs or H cards. Never heard of these terms Please be kind to explain them here or in a separate article

    1. Homepage » Tech » Blogging » Blogging tips guide to climb from 0 to 10k impressions a day
      This present at the top of my page is a breadcrumb.
      H-Cards are those gravatar image formats, special review boxes which show up in SERPS and several other micro data.
      I hope I solved your query! Keep visiting 😀

  2. Very nice and essential guide for the bloggers.

    I learned a lot with this simple guide. Yeah, social sharing and backlinks are the essential factors to drive traffic to blog.

    Thanks for writing the clear guide, hope it would help the newbies to do an enhanced blogging 🙂

    1. It’s better to have competition from clear headed bloggers rather than confused guns firing in the dark 😀
      Keep up the good work! Keep visiting Stay Inspired to rise!

  3. One Point which i want to add in this whole article is – Keyword research. Without a proper keyword research you can not bring a targeted traffic for a long time. All the above listed method will not be able to bring even a single visitor to your site if you are not able to target buyer keywords. One more point, writing for webmasters will only bring webmasters only.

    Nice article. Keep in up Aditya 😉

    1. Yup, I did extensive research for writing this blogging tips guide. But I agree no blogging tips guide would be complete without keyword research, thanx for pointing it out bro!

  4. Hi Aditya,

    I really appreciate that fact about making real friendship with Google webmaster tools and that has really helped me to know the keyword that rank best on my blog.

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