Blogging tips guide to climb from 0 to 10k impressions a day

As I learnt from a senior blogger: “You must master a single source of traffic.” Whether it’s referral traffic via different sources, traffic from social networks. Traffic accrued from guest blogging on reputed blogs etc. or traffic from search engines. Today, we will talk into detail about traffic earned from search engines. To get traffic from search engines means to rank better and higher for the same set of keywords that almost every other blogger would be targeting. You can’t rank high in one day, well at least that’s for sure. But the panda update, and the latest iteration of Penguin update have made it clear that anyone with good quality content can rank high and be on the first page of Google. So, here at Inspire2rise we present to you our Blogging tips guide, to help you climb up the search engine ladder. Today I am sharing all that I did in the past three months.

Blogging tips guide : SEO, content siloing, and site structure.

  • SEO : Search engine optimization is the pillar of ranking high in search engines. The on-page SEO factors are keyword density, word count of your articles, proper division of articles into paragraphs. And other factors include off-page factors like your PR, social presence.
  • Content siloing :
    Blogging tips guide content siloing seo
    Blogging tips guide – Content siloing seo, is often overlooked but is very important.

    This is a rather confusing term for those new to web design. Content siloing actually means good linking internal as well as external in such a way that it makes a page authoritative for a certain set of keywords or search terms. Mastered by Bruce Clay, it actually means in his own words that related information is categorized into separate distinct identifiable sections. And if such sections have strong interlinking within them, as well as quality links from other places, then they would definitely be better than a disjoint array of information. Read more about Content siloing here.

  • Structured data :
    Blogging tips guide structured data
    Blogging tips guide – structured data increases ranking in SERPS.

    The structured data is essentially a component of Content siloing but let’s dive into it deeper in our blogging tips guide to understand it better.
    1.) Bread Crumbs : Bread crumbs are a great part of a site’s internal linking. They help a user get a sense of where he/she is in the whole site. You can implement it using Yoast SEO plugin. Most modern SEO friendly themes support breadcrumbs by default.
    2.) H-cards and author cards : H-Cards and author cards are used to represent bloggers/authors of a webpage. This further helps in ranking better and most modern themes support them and it helps search engines in understanding the nature of the content.
    3.) rel=author : Implement Google Authorship Markup so as to rank better. Anything that can be attributed to a live person is obviously better than content generated by hideous organizations or a group of people!

Blogging tips guide : Speed and responsiveness matters.

  • Using a speed plugin : We have already covered this earlier in our post about W3 Total Cache and Top ten plugins for WordPress , do read them.
  • For people on cheap hosting plans : Using a fake CDN via sub-domain can help you decrease the response time of your site.( Learn to do so here.) Or you can opt for Google Page speed or Cloudfare’s free CDN services.
  • Use Image optimizer like plugin. Or you can use online services like Image Another awesome free image optimization tool available at tools.dynamic .
  • Premium Themes : Using a premium speed optimized, responsive ( ability to scale to fit different screen sizes and resolutions ) theme which is SEO optimized goes a long way in building a better website.
    Right now Genesis framework, Thesis framework from DIYthemes and themes from Mythemeshop and WPShit are on our top recommendations list. If you are just starting out try to use 2012 or 2013 which is soon to be released for users.

Bloggins tips guide : Importance of Social sharing, Link juice division and back links.

  • The more social networks your content is shared on the more is your reach. But blind sharing and spamming those networks won’t do you any good. You have to actually follow people, interact with them. Share their content, but only if you find it useful. Good places to start would be : Facebook, Twitter, Google+, StumbleUpon, Pinterest, Digg, Reddit, Slashdot, Quora.
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  • You must know the concept of no-follow and do-follow links. By default the links which you give away are do-follow. To make a link no follow use the tag rel=”nofollow” just like this :- <a href=” ….” rel=”nofollow”> alt text </a> . No-follow links are taken count of by search engines but not indexed.
    A balanced link profile means that you aren’t giving away your link juice to the sites which you link to. And having too many links in the footer is also regarded as spam. If you use a widget then make sure it’s not just for decoration purposes and has an actual use too.
    Link Juice : The link authority and credibility passed from one page to another through links.
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  • Back links are necessary to build Page Rank. An important metric by Google which tells us the importance of a webpage. Getting do-follow links from high authority, high PR websites leads to a better page rank.
    But as search is changing day by day, so is the importance of PR in rankings. As we have noticed many sites with PR 0 or so rank high nowadays. So, it’s overall quality that matters not just PR.

Blogging tips guide : Analysis of daily data, metrics tracking on Alexa and other platforms.

  •  Daily and monthly Analysis : Daily analysis of data from webmaster tools and Google Analytics is a good place to start. Once you start tracking your daily progress and reports, you will get to know what works for you and what doesn’t.
    For monthly analysis and detailed reports we will suggest you to use three tools : , and SEOmoz’s professional services. We know these products give exhaustive data and reports because we actually use them.
  • Metrics tracking :
    Tracking your Alexa rank, Domain Authority and MozRank is essential to stay motivated and track progress. Unlike Google’s page rank these are updated daily or frequently. If you get nice rankings in these platforms then it means you are on the right path. A MOZrank greater than 5 means you are doing good. Alexa rank below 1 Lakh means you are drawing in a steady stream of traffic. Domain Authority value above 30 means you are doing a good job on an overall basis.
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    tips to improve alexa ranking rank
    Blogging tips guide : Keep track of your metrics and analyze your data.

And above all last but not the least : Focus on providing VALUE to the readers.

As is my personal focus, and should be yours too. Until and unless you are ready to give away what you know, don’t expect to benefit from blogging. Writing posts which are just short of 300-400 words and just circling around a topic with no clear insight and use is like cheating your readers. If you have a particular niche then stick to it. Read more, learn more. And then share what you learnt with your readers. Remember, it’s OK if you can’t publish a post a day. The concern is and should always be quality. A quality post per week which is so good that it will rank high is what you need, not rehashed content just for the sake of publishing content.

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We build the Internet, don’t we? So, as responsible bloggers spread only what’s useful and the search engines will reward you with traffic that you never thought could be yours.
On the side-notes, diverting our attention from the blogging tips guide , Penguin V2.0 is already taking care of  that (ranking of quality sites) well! 😛

Have a query, want to share your views regarding our Inspire2rise Blogging tips guide ? Just comment here. It’s nothing to feel shy about asking your doubts.

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Blogging tips guide to climb from 0 to 10k impressions a day

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  1. Adi, good post though I didnt get certain points like bread crumbs or H cards. Never heard of these terms Please be kind to explain them here or in a separate article

    • Homepage » Tech » Blogging » Blogging tips guide to climb from 0 to 10k impressions a day
      This present at the top of my page is a breadcrumb.
      H-Cards are those gravatar image formats, special review boxes which show up in SERPS and several other micro data.
      I hope I solved your query! Keep visiting 😀

  2. Very nice and essential guide for the bloggers.

    I learned a lot with this simple guide. Yeah, social sharing and backlinks are the essential factors to drive traffic to blog.

    Thanks for writing the clear guide, hope it would help the newbies to do an enhanced blogging 🙂

    • It’s better to have competition from clear headed bloggers rather than confused guns firing in the dark 😀
      Keep up the good work! Keep visiting Stay Inspired to rise!

  3. One Point which i want to add in this whole article is – Keyword research. Without a proper keyword research you can not bring a targeted traffic for a long time. All the above listed method will not be able to bring even a single visitor to your site if you are not able to target buyer keywords. One more point, writing for webmasters will only bring webmasters only.

    Nice article. Keep in up Aditya 😉

  4. Hi Aditya,

    I really appreciate that fact about making real friendship with Google webmaster tools and that has really helped me to know the keyword that rank best on my blog.


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