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  1. Hi Aditya,
    It’s really a nice theme. I’ll gonna download this theme and will try it on my blog.
    Thanks for this review

  2. This is a really nice looking theme for a blog.
    Thanks for giving this review and I am thinking of getting this theme for myself 🙂

  3. Hey dude,

    I was searching for such a theme to use on one of my niche sites. Earlier I used a plugin to make header or navigation like Mashable. Now I got this theme, it satisfies my needs.

    Thank you for letting us know.

    Have a Nice Day!


  4. I love Mashable theme & website both. It is very neat & clean & cool look. I regularly visit to get update tech news. Anyway its good to get free Mashable theme. I would love to use it too!

  5. Hello,

    No doubt the theme is awesome, looks elegant. I’m gonna download it now. The theme will be great for a tech blog, thinking to use for a new blog.


    1. Thanks man. Basanta has developed the MashThirteen theme through lots of efforts. It’s freaking good. I used it on a friends site and his visits have not only doubled, the look is far better than before!

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