New age marketing session at Reseller Club Hosting Summit

Reseller club is a big name in reseller hosting. On this 17th and 18th October of 2013 i.e. yesterday and today they conducted Asia’s largest hosting summit  at Hyatt Regency Gurgaon. The place was full of several hosting companies and internet corps. All of them were showcasing their products and services. There were cool sessions and workshops for resellers, internet marketers as well as bloggers. One such among many was Harsh Agrawal’s workshop at RCHS13. “Integrating Blogs with new age marketing” was the topic he spoke on. Harsh blogs at which  many of our readers already know, and many would like to.

reseller club hosting summit new age marketing session
Reseller club hosting summit new age marketing session by Harsh Agrawal.

I was personally present at the workshop and got a chance to hear the strategies being discussed. Another notable fact is that, for several other workshops the rooms were not even half full but for this one. The room was jam packed and a dozen people were standing. Now this is the power of branding. As I at Inspire2rise say that branding done right always leads to a superb outcome.

Reseller Club Hosting Summit, New age marketing session – Salient features

The focus of the discussion about the role and importance of blogs for business was quite visible.

Some notable points from today’s’ workshop:-

  • Solving unique problems with your content: The whole idea of having a business blog is to be able to solve the problems of the reader with gripping, entertaining and problem solving content which doesn’t make them yawn.

    reseller club hosting summit 2
    Reseller club hosting summit, do focus on providing value.
  • In his own words,

A Blog post is about what problems do you solve with your content and what solution do you provide. – Harsh Agrawal

  • Increasing Social engagement : Things like “Facebook edge rank” and the value of social shares was discussed. Edge rank determines how much of your fan base will actually see what you update on your Facebook page. The more is the edge rank, the more is the visibility of that page. Value of Google+ and Twitter shares was also discussed.
  • Role of updates by Google : The role of the animal updates by Google was also discussed. Google Panda reduced websites with spam links. Penguin update reduced websites with low quality content. And Humming Bird update is now set to reduce non engaging websites from Google search. It means that sites with less engagement from audiences, less social visibility and lack of continued interest from reader’s side would be hit. In their latest post Copy Blogger also posted this. In their own words,

If this year is the year of the writer, changes like Hummingbird signal that next year will probably be the year of the reader. Writers run the show, but shows won’t matter if you can’t keep an audience in their seats.

  • Why having a blog is important?

    reseller club hosting summit new age marketing
    Reseller club hosting summit new age marketing session.

    The really simple answer given was, to give a more humane approach to a business and expand it’s reach.

  • SEO strategies in a changing market.
    Keyword research and the importance of tools like SEMrush and other keyword analyzers was discussed. It was discussed how to analyze the keywords used by your competition and rank for the exact same keywords.
  • Importance of page load time.
    We at Inspire2rise have helped people with their speed since more than a year or so. Cacheable is one of our initiatives for website speed optimization. Our article on best settings for W3 Total cache is referred to by many new WordPress users still. And there is lot more to speed. Good speed helps SEO. Yeah, it does. After all who would not like a fast loading website. Check Google Pagespeed CDN for speeding up your site. It’s in it’s public beta and is currently free.
  • Having a Call to action.
    Having  a good call to action leads to more of the visitors converting into social media fans. Or they may sign up for the service provided by you. Always make sure a page converts. A nice landing page is must for any brand.

New age marketing session : Content creation.

Another important point discussed was regarding content creation. The use of a proper planning tools is necessary. A personal point mentioned by Harsh Agrawal regarding his use of MS Excel for keeping track of his content creation strategy was noteworthy. If you keep track of how much you have done. And of how much needs to be done then things will always brighten up. Importance of being consistent, well we couldn’t agree more with him.

A token of thanks to Reseller Club and others who made this event possible and successful. Special thanks to Harsh Agrawal for sharing some Blogging Gems.

But the greatest thanks to us. We the Bloggers, who make every goddamn thing possible. We build the internet!

Stay motivated, burn the midnight oil. Because there’s only one way to live. The inspiring way.

Stay Inspired to rise!

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New age marketing session at Reseller Club Hosting Summit

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