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How often does Domain Authority update, should you worry?

How often does Domain Authority update inspire2rise

Domain Authority is a complex metric. It’s a score calculated by the amazing guys at Moz which gives you a general indicator of how popular/authoritarian a site is in comparison to others all over the web. Domain Authority is an integral score from 0-100 and anyone can improve the same. But a question that a lot of webmasters and bloggers alike have is that how often does Domain Authority update? So this is your little guide to everything you want to know about Domain Authority and how it affects your site.

How to improve Domain Authority Guide

We also did a detailed How to increase your Domain Authority guide some time ago. You can take a look at the same in case you are somebody who wants to improve the same. But in this specific post, we are talking about a very generic question that a lot of webmasters have at one point or other.

how often does domain authority update guide

Be patient, link changes might take 1-2 updates to settle in.

Most people are clueless as to when they can see the changes in their Domain Authority after they boost their link building efforts. Or maybe a fresh slew of content along with social media marketing efforts. All of these efforts should translate to a better score for the Domain Authority. But many a time on not seeing the number go up even after repeated efforts users become disenchanted with the whole system and start thinking that DA is just another flawed metric.

Official statement on Domain Authority:

But here’s the official statement from the guys behind the metric,

“Domain Authority 2.0 has landed providing search marketers with the ability to more accurately understand and report on a site’s ability to rank in search results. You may have noticed a change in your DA score on or after March 5, 2019. Your eyes have not deceived you. You are experiencing a new and improved version of the Domain Authority model, which includes new factors like Spam Score, link quality patterns, and a machine learned model that is designed to keep better pace with Google’s algorithm updates and more accurately correlate with search engine results. Remember, Domain Authority is a Moz metric, and is not used by the search engines to determine rankings.”

What this means is that domain authority has undergone some major changes in the recent. Hence it’s closer and accurate towards showing the real ranking potential of a website.

How often does Domain Authority update? But what about the time between updates?

As for the metric itself, Domain Authority index is updated at least once every month. So if you are not able to see any changes even after an extreme amount of effort don’t get disheartened. This is because Moz’s scrapers might take some time taking in all the new relevant data around your website.

What a lot of people also need to understand is that Google doesn’t use Domain Authority as a ranking factor. The metric by itself is of no use unless it’s used in conjunction with competitor sites. Domain Authority is a relative metric. It means that if your competitor’s DA has gone up and yours went down after an update that would imply that they did something right which you didn’t.

DA always works when used as a relative metric and not as an absolute score to judge a site’s relevance or ranking potential!

So guys what do you think? Do let us know in the comments section below!

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4 thoughts on “How often does Domain Authority update, should you worry?”

  1. Aditya,

    The same happens in my case. First of all, I was not sure how often MOZ authority score will be updated. And, I could find no article talks about it exactly.
    Also, there was no change in my DA after a month (after this DA 2.0 release). So, I was baffled whether my SEO efforts are going good or not. There will be an update common to all the domains once in a month or it varies for sites? Any idea?

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