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Facebook Phone Rumors : How much is true, how much isn’t

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True or not facebook phone rumors set fire to tech world. Social networking giant Facebook is expected to introduce it’s themed version of Android OS. Probably on a HTC handset in the coming week. The recent facebook phone rumors have gained more momentum as several sources are reporting the same. Reputed sources like Forbes, Allthingsd etc. have reportedly confirmed such a possibility. The rumor mills are abuzz with such information since quite a long time now.
In the past too moves at creating a Facebook centric phone had failed, let’s see what does the giant have up it’s sleeve this time. It seems that earlier they sought only to create a better integration with Facebook, and now they may have different intentions. Now, they are using the open Android platform to create a new flavor of the Android OS altogether. So according to Facebook phone rumors we may soon have the The Facebook-droid.

The if’s and buts of Facebook Phone rumors :

The Facebook Phone can put text messaging profits at risk, if it succeeds big time.

facebook phone rumors concept design

Facebook phone rumors : Artist’s concept Art for Facebook phone.

If Facebook phone rumors are indeed true, then there are two possibilities. First is that Facebook ties up with carriers for data plans and both have some sort of profit. And the second scenario would be where Facebook walks a different path shunning the carriers and the users get dependent on Facebook Messenger so much, that Text and paid messaging services along with video calling services like Skype get hit.

It is a volatile time for Facebook to enter the phone market.

There’s already tussle between Android and iOS to a great extent. Reeling behind are not so clumsy Windows OS, Firefox OS and Ubuntu OS for mobile phones. In such a overcrowded market who will support a Facebook phone? But, the consumer may fall for the idea if Facebook manages to pull off this feat.
To do that they would need to have excellent user interface and of course less focus on monetization. Which seems a difficult thing for the company to do!

Facebook wants all under it’s umbrella. But is it even possible?

Facebook is treading the same path as Google‘s very own Google+. Trying to force people to use all it’s services under one banner. But do people really want it. The answer may be a simple no, for freedom freaks such as me. But for people who are comfortable with their privacy and data being ripped off, it’s the way to go. 😛

Facebook Phone rumors : Meanwhile in the real world.

facebook phone rumors announcementFacebook has invited the media to an event on April 4th to be held at its headquarters to “Come see our new home on Android” . The evidence claims this too be true. The announcement of a Facebook phone which we have been speculating for years may come to life this time! But if it’s another one of those hoaxes, then seriously some people I know would be very disappointed 😀

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  1. There are rumors from the past 3-4 years and finally HTC First is the 1st phone have bundled with Facebook launcher..I somehow don’t like the idea of making my phone Facebook centric..

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