How to Increase Reach on Facebook and Drive Engagement

Facebook, is one of the simplest ways to increase engagement on your posts or advertisements for your business. But then even the simplest of things may confuse the mighty.

For Example, I recently created a Facebook page for my company. I thought it was easy, 2-to 3 posts a day may increase the traffic, and my friends my friends were obviously there to like the page and posts. But I was sorely mistaken. It’s not that easy. And friends or no friends, a person will like something only if it’s related to their interest or grasps their attention. Otherwise, there are thousands of other people doing the same thing that you are doing. So today we tell you how to increase reach on Facebook and drive engagement following a very simple routine.

How to increase reach on Facebook and drive engagement: The list.

1. Ask Questions:

Questions are a great way to understand what your audience expects out of you and what they understand of your brand. Also, it helps you interact with the audience from time to time.

Ask questions to increase facebook reach and engagement
Just a random example that shows how readily people comment on question-type posts!

Experts have seen that question posts get 100% more comments. And why do you think Quora is such a hit? So you can ask them questions related to your product or service only.

For Example: I am running a book blog, so I can ask my Facebook page audience what are they reading this week.

2. Timing:

Timing is very important on Facebook. No one would read your post sitting in their office cubicles or time when they are sleeping. So rise when the world rises. For Facebook, one should generally post around noon or evening, a time when people are commuting and they need some entertainment on the way.

Many times we have seen people reading articles on Facebook while traveling in the metro or bus. One such tool that can track your engagements on Facebook is Buffer. Buffer has proven to increase Facebook engagement as users are posting at the right times.

3. Photos:

A picture can say more than words. Yes, I tweaked the quote “A picture is worth a thousand words”. But the point is that a picture can be much more alluring to a visitor rather than catchy content. Clear and concise, pictures are easy to retain in mind.

For Example, A person who is a fashion blogger would obviously prefer to post pictures of apparel and bags rather than give a detailed description. So as per the requirement, choose between picture or textual content.

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4. Contests:

Facebook contests are again a super way to engage an audience. It helps reward your loyal page visitors and also helps create excitement among people whether they have won or not.

One can see a lot of giveaways being organized these days by bloggers wherein they give away cool products or merchandise free of cost.

For Example: Being a book blogger you can give away classic literature pieces or some cool books. Fashion Bloggers prefer to give away clothes and clutches to people who win the contest.

5. Crowdsourcing:

How about creating a community wherein people can help each other via online queries? One can easily post on behalf of their audience and let other people answer that post. This way, people will feel related to the brand. They feel that their queries can be answered and they are surrounded with people that they can relate with.

6. Facebook Ads:

Seeing that only a small fraction of people get to see your Facebook wall post, what you can also do to increase your page engagement is to promote it by using ‘page post story ads’, or Facebook’s most recent wall post promotion, which will help your wall posts get greater reach.

How to increase reach on Facebook, use facebook ads


One can be creative with Facebook Ads which will help in creating more engagements on the Facebook page.

7. Frequency of posting:

Now it’s one thing to post on Facebook, and then there is Spamming your own page! If experts are to believe, 1 or 2 posts per day can generate up to 40% more engagements as compared to posting 3 to 4 times per day. Also, you don’t want to bombard your posts on people. 1-2 selective posts per day may help you appear sane in front of people and also fill their tummies slowly.

8. Show personality:

You are what your product or service is. If it is because of you only, then why not use it to boost engagements? Fashion bloggers prefer to wear their own apparel and then post pictures on their Facebook page. Not because they want to fulfill their lifelong dream of being a model, but to relate to their audience. This creates a personal bond with followers. You can use tagging and hashtags to get your posts more visibility.

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9. Being responsive:

One needs to be responsive on their posts if they want to boost engagement. Lack of communication would obviously lead to bummed-up users. They won’t be able to relate themselves to you anymore. So make sure to like all comments you find amusing and reply as much as you can to all queries and questions.

10. Go behind the scenes:

One can also post their personal moments. For example, one can post their picture while blogging. So that the audience can also understand that you really do work hard to get the right information and entertainment delivered to their doorstep. Fashion bloggers can post their pictures while making apparel etc.

Such posts can give your community a sneak peek into something that no one else can see. In order to have real engagement, show your real side. Sometimes it’s OK to be a crybaby on social media, as you never know how much the people in the virtual world care for you, and how being a human in front of them makes you even more likable!

Here’s an amazing Infographic by QuickSprout that delves into more detail regarding how to improve Facebook’s organic reach and engagement!

to increase organic reach facebook quicksprout infographic

Courtesy of: Quick Sprout

So, that was all for our how-to increase reach on Facebook and Drive Engagement guide! If you have any questions, or doubts or want to add anything to this then don’t forget to comment, and if you liked this article then do share this and subscribe to our social media channels and newsletter!

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How to Increase Reach on Facebook and Drive Engagement

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