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How to install Genesis framework on a WordPress site

How to install the Genesis framework on a WordPress site easily

We at Inspire2rise have  an experience of more than two years of working with WordPress. One thing that we always loved about WordPress was that it allowed us to create mind blowing designs while also retaining the back end flexibility that we had become used to while using different types of GUI based software. By default the themes that WordPress comes with now i.e. the Twenty Fourteen theme, the Twenty Thirteen theme and the previous ones are all good themes but they don’t hold a candle to the flood of premium themes available in the market for WordPress. Genesis framework is one of the best customizable theme frameworks available for WordPress. Genesis is loved by people who are into serious blogging and stuff. I have seen a trend that almost all the people who are earning big bucks from blogging use Genesis framework on their websites. Even in my niche website experiments I tried Genesis on two sites and got very promising results. So today we will cover a tutorial on how to install Genesis framework on a WordPress site.

How to install Genesis framework on a WordPress site : The steps.

Many of us people who have done blogging and technical work in the past take it very easy and consider that any person can install a theme or plugin or play with codes. But the truth is that any newbie or person who has a relatively new start in blogging or web development needs guidance and proper tutorials in order to get even the simplest of the things done in the right way.

So this is how you install Genesis framework :

  1. How to install the Genesis framework on a WordPress website

    How to Install Genesis framework on a website : Step 1!

    Download the Genesis framework from your Studiopress account’s download page. You must note that you should be logged in your Studiopress account and you should have purchased the theme already. If you buy the child theme also then you would find it there for download.

  2. Upload the Genesis framework through WordPress dashboard. To do this you need to go to Appearance -> Themes in the WP dashboard. Click on the link which prompts you to “Install themes” and after that click on the link which says “Upload”.

    upload the genesis framework for wordpress

    How to Install Genesis framework on a website : Step 2!

  3. After you are done with installing the Genesis framework upload your child theme just like the above process and then activate it. Remember to always make changes in the child theme and not the framework itself because the changes done to the framework can be lost in subsequent updates.

    upload genesis child theme for wordpress

    How to Install Genesis framework on a website : Step 3

After you are done with the above steps, now you need to do a few more things.

  • You need to set up the Genesis Theme settings. They can be found in the dashboard under a new section titled “Genesis” . You can hover on the option and then select the appropriate Theme settings option and perform the changes required.
  • You will need to fix the widget section, as by default most of the child themes mess up with the header widget area. So give some time to adjusting the widgets in the proper place before you do any more changes.
  • Set up the SEO settings for Genesis :
    For those of us using WordPress SEO by Yoast or any other SEO plugin the need to set this up won’t arise. But for the people who aren’t relying on any external SEO plugin you must set up the meta description for Home page and meta keywords for the home page


Benefits of using Genesis framework :

  • Wide variety of customizable child themes are available for Genesis framework.
  • Genesis framework supports custom hooks and actions and many of the advanced level functionality can be custom coded into a website running on Genesis framework.
  • Set up Google authorship using Genesis, it’s easy and is done by going to Users -> Your profile and just pasting the profile URL in that field.
  • You can also use many of the different add-ons and plugins available for Genesis.

So do you have any doubt with setting up and installing the Genesis framework? If yes then do comment below with your query and we will help you resolve it!


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