How to make money online : The Ultimate guide to money on internet

How to make money online? Seriously? You came here for reading this! 😛 I am making money off you right this instant, though it’s far fetched and long term and

not going into my bank right now but still man, I have you now. I have you. You are here. You want to know how to earn money online. You are so desperate that you could rob a bank this instant but considering the fine individual that you are you thought it wise to read this blog post instead. Well, I applaud your decision. It doesn’t hurt to read good things once in a while. Let me rewind fifteen seconds back, I see a desperate individual who found this blog post either on social media or Google search. Motive = just one, earn bucks. Lots of bucks. Well my dear fella, you just stumbled upon the right place to earn those greens. No, I am not a millionaire. But that doesn’t mean I can’t tell you the ways to become one. Just kidding, this post ain’t gonna make you a millionaire. Now just drown in all that disappointment.
Looking upon the previous paragraph, I can seriously say it’s the effect of three cups of coffee taken in quick succession. So, the topic for today is how to make money online. Let’s just discuss this amazing opportunity for greens all around. I present to you The Ultimate guide to money on Internet.

How to make money online : The lowdown of who’s making money and how.

1.) Service : The most non invasive and hard worker’s way of earning money online is by providing a service. A service can be of any type from online logo design to doing freelancing work like doing programming for someone else, doing a PR job or helping foreigners understand a language you know in a better way. There are a behemoth of websites out there like, Elance etc. which are just waiting for talented individuals to come along and earn some quick cash for their services.

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2.) Content : Content is the backbone of the internet. Those who can regularly provide good content are the ones who will rake in most of the cash that is present online. Some people might be thinking, how can content help in generating money? It’s simple. You can either have a publication/website/blog of yours and monetize your content there with the help of different forms of advertisements. Or you can simply sell the content to people who need content. There are many people out there with existing websites or publications in dire need of quality content, and believe me if you are a good writer with credibility you can get a lot of bucks for the stuff you write. Content drives the web and most of the vacant jobs in new start ups are for content writers only. So if you have the writing flair then you can earn money online through this way easily.

How to make money online : The methods.

3.) Affiliates : Affiliate marketing is a way to earn money by referral of products done by us. It’s one of the best ways to earn money on the internet if you have a strong brand identity and people actually deem you and the products promoted by you as trustworthy.

4.) Investing and lending : For people who are already high on cash and have lots of money to spend, this is one of the best methods to leverage their existing cash to increase their money flow. Have you heard of the term angel investor, an angel investor is someone who uses his/her cash in growing start ups and aids them in their growth. In return the person takes some part of the profits or in form of shares. Remember Sean Parker and his involvement with Facebook, the guy funded Facebook initially and now he has more money from Facebook than any of investments. The true potential in such a money making scheme lies in the amount of money invested and also the future viability of a company/start-up.

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5.) Building user base : This is one of the most time consuming, most long term but most profitable method of making money. The greatest thing about this method is that once the money starts flowing in, it essentially keeps on increasing as the existing user base can bring in more people through word of mouth advertising and other methods. Until and unless the idea has a direct competitor in that niche the idea will remain profitable for long. YouTube and Facebook are hit services because they have a large user base which keeps on returning to use their products and services provided by them.

How to make money online : The interesting part is below.

6.) Cash giveaways/contests : Participating in cash giveaways or contests can be an easy way to earn money. Giveaways occur regularly worldwide and the more giveaways you participate in, the more are your chances to earn money.
Here is the list of such giveaways happening worldwide :

All the above giveaways are currently active, some of them end in 2 days or less time. Just go and participate there, who knows you might get lucky. Some places have cash prizes as high as 500$ !
These were my sure shot methods of generating cash online. But the list is too long. This extensive list will be updated time and again so as to reflect on current scenarios of money making!
BTW there’s a nice infographic summing up all the points and adding even more to this mix. This infographic by Survey Spencer is so good that you should print it and paste on your wall! 😛
Seriously, I am not kidding. If you really wanna earn money online and that too in a legit manner this post along with this infographic covers each and every point and opportunity waiting for you out there.

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How to make money online : The Ultimate guide to money on internet.
how to make money online ultimate guide to money
How to make money online : Ultimate guide to money on the internet.


We have another infographic from Doogiehorner which is about How to make money online and is even more interesting. Check it out.

How to make money online infographic. Source : Doogie Horner
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How to make money online : The Ultimate guide to money on internet

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