Top Infographics of the day – Promote your brand using Infographics

A picture speaks a thousand words. Our top infographics of the day will speak a million! 😛

Well we took this age old saying quite literally and are up with a beautiful infographics post just for our readers. Enough of only blogging and reviews. We are a multi niche site and will focus on each and everything that our reader may want to read! So we bring to you the top infographics of the day.

For those who do not know what an Infographic is : “An Infographic is an image which has graphics and statistics and analysis regarding a specific subject.”
It is often done in a very artistic and unique way so that people can understand the gist of the topic delivered in an easy manner.

infographics of the day graphology
Infographics of the day : Graphology is the science of study of handwriting to determine personality traits and other pyschological traits of a person.
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Second – Top infographics of the day : You are not alone!

infographics of the day by leary
Infographics of the day by Leary : Yes, there are more like you outside. Those who want to break free.
Try something new, who knows your life may change for better!
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Third Infographic : Inbound Marketing infographic.

infographics of the day -Inbound marketing infographic
Infographics of the day – Inbound marketing infographic tells us how inbound marketing leads to impact in brand promotion.
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Fourth Infographic : The Caffeine Infographic.

infographics of the day infographic of caffeine
Infographics of the day – Infographic of caffeine. This one is for those who consume a lot of coffee, tea or soft drinks. Caffeine does more harm than good. I know it because I was loosing my voice because of over consumption. Yes, caffeine can even damage vocal chords.
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Fifth Infographic : Differences between a geek and a nerd.

infographics of the day infographic design geek nerd
Infographics of the day : Infographic design geek nerd comparison explained. Though a fine line but this subtle difference between geeks and nerds must not be ignored.
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Sixth Infographic : Importance of Social media in brand promotion.

infographics of the day the state of b2b social media
The state of Business to Business social media in today’s market.
This explains how and why social media will gain prominence in online brand reputation. And also analyzes which mediums will be more effective this year to promote your brand!
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Seventh Infographic : Inside the mind of a modern day marketer.

infographics of the day infographic modern day marketer
Infographics of the day – Infographic modern day marketer. The modern day marketer is an artist, scientist, psychologist and what not. It’s true a multiple skill set is what differentiates a successful marketer from the rest of the competition.

So by now you are pretty dazed scrolling down and down and down. Don’t be tired yet! 😀
We will also tell you how you can get started and start building your own awesome infographics with these free and awesome tools available online!

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Five tools for creating unique Infographics :

1.) The Champ –

Infogram comes with everything and anything a user may need to create their own first awesome infographic. Very useful if you need to make a presentation, or need to take a descriptive stand in front of your colleagues regarding a topic. The free version is pretty good and gets the job done. But with the pro version you can soar like a rocket with amazing designs and graphics.

2.) Piktochart.

Piktochart comes with already predefined templates and is very easy to use. It’s user friendly nature and drag and drop design makes it a rather good choice for creating your first infographic. The free editor is not that extensive but for 29$ a month this service is pretty good. The latest iteration comes with search engine optimized images.

3.) Infoactive.

Infoactive has a mobile friendly service. It has a live data feature and interactiveness to make your Infographics stand out! The simplicity and ability to create dynamic infographics are its plus points.

4.) is currently in it’s beta. It has a theme based, WYSIWYG drag and drop based method for creating infographics, But it has only 10 visual themes, which is a serious let down.

5.) Many Eyes V2.

Many eyes V2 comes with 11 different methods to customize your data. You can use word clouds, heat maps, trees, pie charts and lots more with the themes. The output provided by this service can’t be exactly called as an infographic. But is a great add-on to add some spice to your existing infographics made using other services!

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Infographics look attractive, are fun to see, and if you have an idea then it feels awesome to make your own infographic.

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The infographics were collected by us from random pages, we would like to credit Google Image search and all the respective owners for their awesome work.
Image Courtesy : Flickr, Google Images, Shutterstock.

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Top Infographics of the day – Promote your brand using Infographics

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