Money can’t buy friendships but does it help in keeping them?

Youth and consumerism in today’s age go hand in hand. It’s an increasingly flashy, showy world. I would like to start this article with an awesome quote that I heard in a seminar a long time ago,

“Money is not everything but you need money for everything!”

We live in a world increasingly being affected by consumerism everyday. Our whole economy, financial systems and everything promotes consumerism in an unforgiving way. We are led to believe that the more we consume, the more we are helping our economy and the world.
Money these days has become a grave necessity. Gone are the days when talent or good qualities were enough to lead a happy life. Money is the “IN” thing these days. You have money you have everything. If not everything, then at least , it gets you pretty close. The image below is viral on social media these days. It pretty much sums up what I am trying to say here.

money cannot buy love but it can buy a ferrari enzo

Talking about this let’s step forward to the topic of today’s discussion. Money can’t buy friendships but does it help in keeping them?

This is a pretty difficult topic to write on. I say this because of my own personal experiences. Of course it’s true that money can’t buy you friendships. I remember my best friends from school and those from college, they were really genuine people and didn’t bother much about how much I had in my wallet. But then that was it. It’s easy to be friends with someone because you share a common interest or have a shared set of beliefs. But after you start being around with people in day to day life and go around with them you would understand that even the most seemingly innocent activities in your life require you to spend money. Just being with friends going out requires you to have some money in your pocket. Activities like eating, transportation and even sitting somewhere in a good place require us to shell out money.

You can make friends but the sad truth is that in order to keep them money is an essential factor. Money essentially seems to be a magnet to friendships.
Let’s take an example: Your friend gave you a party on his birthday, you all had a merry time. But you are now socially obliged to do the same. Otherwise if you keep shrugging them off and don’t conform to the social rules then soon enough people would desert you. Money matters because now everything runs on money. Even friendships are fueled by money these days.

I strongly detest this rising materialism and consumerism. But it’s a sad truth and we can’t change it. For sure we will make friends who don’t care about money, who we are and where we are from. Still it must not be forgotten that this is an age ruled by money.

Money can help you buy good clothes, good living solutions, better gadgets and almost everything fancy. It may not give you friends at once. But people would surely stick around you. They may not love you, or even like you. But at least you would have company!

The only solution to this is rising above materialism. With our current consumerist culture that too doesn’t seem possible in the near future!
Money can’t buy you friends. But it does help in keeping them and that’s what I feel.

Stay inspired to rise fellas, rise above all, till next time.
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Money can’t buy friendships but does it help in keeping them?

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