WP FULL SEO review and giveaway

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  1. Looks to be a great SEO plugin, got almost all the features that a WordPress user needs to do SEO on his website or blog. Thanks a lot for review and the awesome giveaway 🙂

  2. This is the only plugin I have used on all my blogs and will use always. Eager to use such an tremendous features of premium version if I win. Hope I would be the one who gets chance to explore the full version of SEO by yoast.

  3. This is the best plugin for SEO I ever used. I have used the free version on all my blogs and will use the premium version on TheGeekyWorld.com which I have started but will start working on it soon cauz busy with other blogs right now. Eager to use the the above mentioned premium plugin features. Hope I would get chance to win the giveaway and use the premium plugin.

  4. Have seen this plugins and even tested on my website for the seo purpose. It seems to me that they are planning to incorporate almost every myth and science inside this SEO plugins but you never ever mentioned how may extra tables they are adding in the WordPress database and the second point is – Do they are also seeding our title with google queries like we see in yoast seo plugin for easy synonyms. The more table the more it will take time to load your blog and if it increase the loading time of your blog then forget about the SEO factor added by this wonderful plugins. Waiting for your valuable points on these issues.

    1. I tested this plugin on a test site with minimum load conditions. The true load factor can only be seen when this plugin is tested under really heavy conditions, as for speed the plugin had a minimal impact on the load time of a website optimized by me.

  5. Hello, Aditya Nath. I came here as an referral through one of my friend. Actually I have a doubt before entering in the Giveaway. I have made accounts on Pinterest and Twitter with my one gmail account but I am using my FB account with another gmail account. I asked this because my friend told me you have to like FB page, twitter, g+ and pinterest. Am I still eligble to win this contest or have chance to win with different email IDs?

    Thanks & Regards

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