Nokia Lumia 520 specs and price : Best sub 10k phone right now


On March 20, Nokia announced it’s latest players in the mobile market. The Nokia Lumia 520 and Lumia 720, it said that both phones would be available by mid-April throughout India. So now Nokia has five Windows Phone 8 devices in India, which are from budget to top high end. But Nokia Lumia 520 is the icing on the cake in WP8 range as it’s great value for money. So we bring you Nokia Lumia 520 specs and price, so that you can decide for yourself. Personally, we at I2r Inc. are bored of clunky iOS and Android interfaces. Windows phone 8 is something that has the promise that Apple had when it first brought the iOS in the mobile market.

Nokia Lumia 520 specs and price : Best sub 10k phone right now.

[icon name=icon-phone]Nokia Lumia 520 specs and price:

Nokia Lumia 520 has a S4 dual core Snapdragon 1 GHz processor, 512 MB RAM and 8GB internal memory. It also allows for micro SD card which can up the storage up to a whopping 64 GB. The Nokia Lumia 520 has a 4 inch IPS display and a resolution of 480×800, giving 233 ppi pixel density. The phone has only a primary 5 megapixel camera without flash. But considering the build quality that Nokia delivers it shoots very good pictures. PRICE : The price of Nokia Lumia 520 is around 10,500 rs. And it may vary depending on where you buy it from. But it’s expected to stay between 10k-11. Nokia Lumia 520 specs and price Inspire2rise

[icon name=icon-ok-sign]Who should buy the Nokia Lumia 520:

Those people who don’t have much money to spend. Those people who are just entering the smartphone world. And those who have no idea how a smartphone works, are the ones who should definitely consider buying this. And those with a budget around 10,000 rs. should definitely consider buying the Lumia 520.
Nokia Lumia 520 specs and price : Best sub 10k phone right now.

[icon name=icon-check]Nokia Lumia 520 vs. the competition:

If we do a rain-check on the competition in the sub 10k-12k category, here are the contenders :
  • Samsung ACE
  • Xperia E (latest model)
  • LG Optimus L5 E615
  • HTC desire C
Screen : The four of these have HVGA i.e 320×480 screens, whereas Nokia Lumia 520 has WVGA i.e. 480×800 screen.
Processor : On the processor front also it beats them hands down as it has a dual core 1 GHz S4 processor which is faster with the latest architecture.
Memory : All the above phones have 2-3 gb internal memory. And they can be expanded only up to 32 GB. So, again Lumia 520 beats them with it’s more memory.
Display and build quality : Nokia Lumia 520 has ultra sensitive touch screen, which can work even with nails. And the build quality of Nokia is superb as opposed to plasticky phones by the competition.
OS : Sadly enough these phones don’t even have the current version of Android. Only Xperia E has 4.1 Jellybean. Rest are oldies. Microsoft will support WP8 platform till July 2014, and that’s a good enough reason to buy this budget phone.
Nokia Lumia 520 specs and price : Best sub 10k phone right now.

[icon name=icon-exclamation-sign]Who shouldn’t buy the Nokia Lumia 520:

Those looking for a secondary camera in their phone should definitely skip this phone . If you are an avid user of Google‘s services then also the Nokia Lumia 520 may disappoint you. There are no dedicated apps fro YouTube, Gmail etc. Even popular apps like Instagram and Flipboard are yet to arrive on Windows Phone 8. The camera though decent lacks flash, and don’t expect something out of the ordinary from it.

Those who don’t love the awesome Live-tiles interface of Windows Phone should also skip this phone. Well it’s hard to find anyone who would dislike such an awesome UI. But still there are people out there who would prefer the icons of their Android or iOS.

Nokia Lumia 520 specs and price : Best sub 10k phone right now.

[icon name=icon-unlock]The verdict on Lumia 520:

So if you are a newbie out there looking to experience their first smartphone and are low on budget, then this phone is the way to go. It beats the competition hands down in all departments. If you love the freshness of Windows Phone 8 and have no problem with the lack of some apps, then Nokia Lumia 520 is for you. But if you consider yourself a power user and load up new roms on your Android everyday, then definitely this phone and this platform is not for you.

And if you have some more money to shell out, then we would definitely recommend the Micromax Canvas A116 HD. After all, it’s the budget android killer.

But as we at Inspire2rise.com have noticed, Microsoft is like a giant dog sleeping. You mess with the dog, and it will bite you in all the right places! And now with Nokia with it, the future doesn’t seem to be hazy for them.

Nokia Lumia 520 specs and price : Best sub 10k phone right now.

Hope you would make an aware choice now. Keep the comments coming. If the Nokia Lumia 520 specs and price article was informative, then do share!
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