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  1. I am an avid android user, but, now about to change OS to windows 8.I personally like the Lumia design and windows 8 Panorama design specially. And i am jumping to Lumia 520, Let see, what will happen :p

  2. Nokia Lumia 520 is an awesome phone with a nice price tag. However, being so used to Android interface, it takes some time to learn about the Windows Phone 8. I’ll still stick to Android for now.

  3. I have bought this phone,few days back,and its mind boggling,without any comparison,its very cheap,attractive,stylish smart phone,any way all the phones might have few drawbacks,accept that its awesome.and i love it.

  4. 1st of all I would like to say that I will be a 1st time user of smartphone and you can understand the situation i am going thru at the moment. The entire market full of smartphone with some shouting from the hill tops about Android being better then some calling about the user friendliness of Windows is making me frankly a lot , lot confused. Your comments have helped a lot . Thanks for that.
    I have seen a Lumia 720 and been impressed by it and thus looking forward to 520. I have some small questions about Lumia 520 , maybe you will be able to help me out better.
    1) Lumia 720 has all the Apps of Gmail , Gtalk , hotmail and stuff. According to your blog 520 wont have gtalk app. Is it so??
    2) I aint a big gammer but obviously having a smart phone is bound to attract me towards that domain. Where does 520 help in that scope?
    3) Similar is the thing with limited App scope of Nokia . Would you provide an insight.
    4) Almost everywhere i read they are silent about the voice quality of these devices. I mean a mobile was actually intented to make and receive calls only. On the other hand HTC desire C is said to have a really cool audio facility in comparison to it contemporaries. Your view ??
    5) Lastly about camera / picture quality. I one word HTC Desire C or Lumia 520?
    Mostly i am confused about going for HTC desire C or Lumia 520 as have heard that Galaxy Ace has some big time lagging problems.

    Your views/comments would really be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

    1. I will give you a detailed answer :
      1.) On the software side, everything that 720 has 520 will also include it for sure. The unit testers who gave us the review provided us with this false info. Sorry for that.
      Lumia 520 is indeed a capable phone!
      2.) All big games are being ported to WP-8. So you can expect some pretty decent titles on showcase.
      3.) The apps are nothing. Total user experience is everything. You would get pretty much all the apps you need. It’s only the initial excitement of a phone user that causes them to install lots of apps and try them, just to find out that they aren’t so much fun. I have an Android, but I barely open more than 2 apps at a time. Some of my friends call it Lag-Droid just to make fun!! 😛
      4.) Voice quality of Nokia is the best. Trust me on this one. The call clarity on Nokia hardware is amazing. Nokia has the best hardware available on any price point in phones!
      5.) About the picture quality, I can’t say anything until I do a side by side review. My brother has the HTC desire C. I have used it, it’s a decent phone at best.
      Because it has a 600 Mhz processor. Anything beyond a limit and this phone too becomes Lag-droid.
      But still if you don’t wanna go in the Windows ecosystem, it will be the first phone I would recommend just because I love the beats audio! 😀
      I hope I helped solve your query! Stay inspired to rise. Keep visiting

  5. Hi Aditya , i am waiting for 520 since last one month i have doubt about the music quality and radio in it, on the other part it will rock. ply rply ?

  6. I have decided to buy this phone (not now :P), as it is the cheapest Windows phones available at present in the Market. What do you say?

  7. Hi Aditya, I almost decided to own Lumia 520… But a little confusion is bothering me…

    1. Someone said that it lacks equalizer … Is it so…?
    2. I am very keen in selecting phones… Is there any hidden problem that will ruin my faith on Nokia…?
    3. I am being somewhat skeptical because this is gonna be my first windows phone…

    So…… you know what to do…

    Thanks in advance…

    1. If you have already used Android and this is your new smartphone then I would suggest you should go for it. But if you are really new to smartphone world and don’t want to taste Windows OS first hand then buy any other Android. As for hidden problems there are many being reported now :
      1.) Like : A few users complained of phone being unable to boot up after Sim change.
      2.) You can’t download songs directly from Internet explorer in the phone.
      Every platform has it’s pros and cons, the error of phone not booting up after Sim change was reported by a fraction of users.
      If you really want to try something new and refreshing, then you should go for it. And, at the end of the day it’s your decision and yours only to make 😀

  8. Hi Aditya,

    I'm looking to buy this phone. And I'm concerned as to whether this phone has Gtalk app by default. Can you clarify?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Not by default but there's a workaround for it.
      Another important thing regarding this phone is :
      You can't store your data in it ( i.e unrecognized files ) . No piracy is allowed in Windows Phone, so no illegaly downloaded music and stuff!
      I hope you get the point!

  9. Are there a lot of free apps for this phone like in the android store? Im planning to buy lumia as well. I want to know coz with my android phone, I rarely buy paid apps because there are ample of free apps in the market which are also very much useful. Please reply. I need to know. Thanks. 🙂

  10. Hi, ma budget is 10K… I m confused in what to take between Samsung s duos and Lumia 520…. i need better sound clarity while listening to music.. n gud battery backup mainly… which one should i go for ???

  11. Hello Aditya,
    I bought Nokia Lumia 610, but i have never used windows phone before and i feel more comfortable with android.Now i think i should switch to micromax canvas hd or any xperia series within price range of 15k.

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