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Seagate Galaxy Exos series mechanical hard disk new models out!


Recently, Seagate has come up with the new Seagate Galaxy Exos series mechanical hard disks. These are the models using the SAS protocol. They can go to the highest speed of around 15000 RPM. The 600GB model would come for a price of 1899 yuan i.e. around 19-20K INR!

According to reports, the Seagate Galaxy Exos series mechanical hard drive uses a 2.5-inch design. It would be 15mm thick and would come with a maximum speed of 15000RPM and SAS 12 Gb / s read-write speed.

There are currently 6 models of the Galaxy Exos series, with a maximum speed of 15,000 rpm. The lowest price is for the 300GB variant i.e. 899 yuan or around 9K INR.  There are also 10000 RPM and 15000 RPM models which have different pricing depending upon storage size selected.

What is a SAS hard drive?

SAS (Serial Attached SCSI) is a new generation of SCSI technology. SAS is a new interface developed after the parallel SCSI interface. This interface is designed to improve the performance, availability and scalability of the storage system and provide compatibility with SATA hard drives.

So guys what do you think about these new tech hard drives? Would they be great enough for modern-day systems? Would you use one in your system? Do let us know in the comments section below!

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