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  1. Hi Aditya,
    Thanks for the awesome content with details information about Meta Keywords. Currently i’m not using Meta Keywords in my blog. I just try to provide a short, descriptive and attractive meta description on every content of my blog. I also use Focusing keywords feature using the “WordPress SEO by Yoast” in my blog.
    What you think about Focusing Keywords?

    1. That’s a good thing to do Fakharuddin bro. Also focus on LSI keywords which are variations of the original keywords that you want to rank for. These would help you in further improving your ranking and on page SEO!

  2. Thanx Aditya for this great article & wordpress seo by yoast plugin is awesome plugin i am using it on my website.

    1. Yeah man, it’s great but there are other factors like LSI keywords etc. which only plugins like SEOpressor etc. take into account. So yeah everything has its own benefits and cons.

  3. You always share the best info about search engine optimization. Thank you so much for this quick tip, will surely try and implement it!

    1. Thanks a lot for visiting by Dawn, we hope you find this article informative and useful and whether using Meta keywords or not, do let us know if you need help with your SEO efforts! 😀

  4. I recently started doing search engine optimization for my website so this post have been really helpful. Thanks a lot.

  5. I Started Digital marketing Online Classes newly really help full this website.
    thank a lot..

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