Tips to improve alexa ranking : A Case study


The purpose of this article is to make webmasters aware about Alexa ranking. And suggest them tips to improve Alexa ranking and how to maintain it. Here, you will find the best practices and strategies to follow to get a nice Alexa ranking. Although this article is intended for power users. But other people can also read it just to increase their understanding of the web.

Reading : Tips to improve Alexa ranking : A Case study.

So, What is Alexa ?

People have questions like What is Alexa ? or What exactly is Alexa traffic rank and today many bloggers want to know Tips to improve Alexa ranking. Alexa is like a global world wide traffic directory. It is a website owned by Amazon.com . It gives the position of a website on the World Wide Web. It uses traffic statistics and data from past three months and data collected from Alexa internet toolbar users, and several other sources.
A lower Alexa rank means you are going good. And higher means you need to work on your traffic.

An example can be of Google.co.in which has 2nd highest traffic in India and has an Alexa traffic rank  14.
tips to improve alexa ranking google.co.in rank

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Why should we stress on Alexa Traffic Rank ?

tips to improve alexa ranking  - alexa traffic rankFor those bloggers/webmasters who are pretty serious about growing their subscriber base. Or those who want proper monetary rewards, a nice Alexa traffic rank is must.

Simply put, whenever an advertiser would like to determine whether your site is good enough or not they will check your Alexa ranking. This will help them understand your site’s global popularity and the traffic it receives globally.

So that means that if you don’t have focused traffic along with steadily improving Alexa ranking then you won’t be able to make money from your blog.

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Reading : Tips to improve Alexa ranking : A Case study.

Tips to improve Alexa ranking : How to increase Alexa Traffic Rank ?

tips to improve alexa ranking a case study

First of all, it’s not that easy to get a good traffic rank in a few days. It takes some perseverance like Andy Duffresne of The Shawshank Redemption.

1.) Publish quality content , everyday.

There’s no substitute to this. After all, you are a blogger, web developer. We are the ones who build the internet aren’t we ? So it’s our duty to provide accurate and meaningful information to our readers. Updating your blog daily would ensure that you get a nice amount of actual readers who engage with your blog.

2.) Install the Alexa toolbar right away.

Using the Alexa toolbar on a system and browsing your website through it leads to rapid surges in your Alexa traffic rank. Just Click here to install the Alexa toolbar for free.

3.) Place the Alexa widget on your website/blog.

Having the Alexa widget on your site is fundamental to improve Alexa ranking.
It will also help you to find your Alexa rank handily without having to search for it every time.

4.) Get your Alexa site ownership verified and if possible then certify your site metrics.

Create a free account on Alexa.com and add your site there. By just adding a meta tag to your site, it would be verified as an Alexa account property.
If you have the money you can also certify your site metrics. It would lead to more accurate results. You can also try it for free for the first month.

Reading : Tips to improve Alexa ranking : A Case study.

5.) Try and get reviews for your website/blog on Alexa.

You can request your visitors and friends to leave nice comments and reviews about your site on Alexa.com .
This is a tried and tested method and it works for sure.

6.) Focus on global traffic.

Don’t aim to build reader base from a specific geographic location only. For a quality rank, focus on world wide audience. Simply put, target global traffic.

7.) Try to get more quality back links : “Alexa Site links” .

By forum commenting, guest posting and blog commenting you can generate some decent quality Alexa site links. These go a long way to improve Alexa ranking.
The added benefit would be of increase in PR as well as traffic.

Reading : Tips to improve Alexa ranking : A Case study.

8.) Make others aware about Alexa .

One of the greatest tips to improve Alexa ranking is to write posts about advantages of good Alexa ranking. How to lower Alexa ranking, tips to improve Alexa ranking etc.

9.) Focus on traffic from Blogging Niche

It’s an open secret that bloggers mostly have Alexa toolbar installed on their systems. So if you mostly have traffic from blogging niche then it would lead to rapid surges in your Alexa rank. If you rank for keywords searched mostly by bloggers, for example something like: “Semrush Review” then such posts can bring you targeted blogger traffic which would help you in a great way to achieve a good alexa ranking.

The above reason also explains why some people with a lot of traffic don’t have a decent Alexa ranking as most of that traffic goes unaccounted for because Alexa can’t track all of the data of all of the users but data from those with the toolbar installed is definitely taken into account!

So, now I hope that you better understand Alexa and its services. Now you must be aware of benefits of a good Alexa traffic rank. As well as ways how to improve Alexa ranking.

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From my own knowledge I can reassure the fact that engaging with your readers, publishing useful content and providing value to your reader community is the only real tip to improve Alexa ranking.

Reading : Tips to improve Alexa ranking : A Case study.

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