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  1. Alexa has always been a trending topic among webmasters and still be. I could see that most of the advertisers and PR agencies are blindly depending Alexa rather than any other traffic measures. So, as a blogger it’s essential to get eye catching stats. Well said Aditya bro. 🙂

  2. I love your tips. And when I try to do like your tutorials, it works! Thanks, and please visit my blog.

  3. I don’t understand this whole ranking friend has got website which has almost similar ranking but receives a hell thrice the visits than me …how do we really know which is really genuine ?

    1. The system is genuine. Only one extra parameter affects it, the toolbar and widget. The traffic with Alexa toolbar has more weightage than other traffic and that leads to surge in rank rapidly!!
      Keep visiting for more! Stay Inspired to rise! 😀

  4. Hi Aditya,
    Very nicely written article.I wanted to ask one thing – is it possible to have more that a website with lower number of visitors has lower alexa rank than a website with higher number of visitors….

  5. I don’t really focus that much on Alexa rankings to be honest. I heard the stats are easily manipulated and don’t really reflect the true amount of traffic of a site. However, most advertisers do give priority to Alexa when they are looking for a placement of their ads.

    1. Yup, you are right to a great extent Peter. Many people know how to manipulate these rankings. Some people also have scripts to do such things. But it’s still a metric used by advertisers. So we have to pay attention to it. Hope you had a nice read!!
      Keep visiting 😀

  6. The toolbar worked. Jumped and subtracted my 100k from my past Alexa rank after a day, and it took the toolbar and a couple of little manipulations. But I can’t put the widget yet, after a month maybe. Thanks for this.

  7. One more wonderful article in relation to Alexa ranking. But My partner and I are certainly not going to add a Alexa toolbar with my internet site just to increase my rank.

  8. Nice article ! frequency of post does matter, because regular posts attract more visitors and possibility to improve alexa rank, tech related blogs stands higher change to improve real fast because most of the tech people knows the importance of the alexa toolbar.

  9. As I always say quality matters.If you write quality posts then others will automatically link back to you and thereby increasing back links and traffic as well which increases your Alexa rank and share your posts on social networks like Facebook,Stumble upon and Digg.These sites not only brings massive traffic but also helps in increasing your Alexa Rank.

  10. Thanks to your page. wonderful article. looking to get more such articles. I want to share how my website’s ALEXA ranking went from 3 crore to 4 lac within couple of month. And if you think why SEO is necessary, then as far as if you want to be on top of the searches, you must have your website properly optimized. I have also write an article on it..hope it will benefit you.

  11. Thanks for your post but I am not getting how exactly Alexa toolbar help to improve Alexa rank. Please give me some suggestions for my social networking site Agryd. com

  12. Nice Alexa post Aditya

    Yeah, consistency, post depthness, social activities would improve the Alexa. I experienced this before and following most of the tips which you’ve listed here!

  13. My website is the poorest ranked site at Alexa. I am adding new content weekly but there is no improvement. I think the design is a problem…


  14. Its very nice peace of Information given here. I read it and also I tried all for my site but my site continuously losing alexa rank in India. However global rank is increasing at the moment. Please help me and suggest me what to do now. My site is Every answer would be appreciated.

    1. Actually Rahul you have to rank for a competitive keyword in order to really maintain Alexa ranking, and this is one of the things that I have learned from my very own experience!

  15. You have covered all the essential points to decrease alexa rank, thanks a lot for this wonderful post!

  16. Thanks for sharing this post, I follow all the rules and guideline to improve Alexa ranking, some day ago Alexa rank of my website in India is under 10k, but suddenly it’s performing too bad day-by-day, please check alexa dot com/siteinfo/, and suggest me is there any other ways to improve Alexa ranking?

  17. My experience has been that, as our Alexa ranking improved, so did our sales. This makes great sense, as we practice a very passive sales approach. We provide a ton of free content and even free products. That brings people to our site and keeps them coming back hence the constantly improving Alexa ranking.

  18. Awesome article,
    Thanks for this article, I am looking for it, finally found a helpful on this topic, keep sharing.

  19. Hi Aditya,
    Nice to be here today.
    This is really an informative piece.
    Thanks for sharing these tips to improve our Alexa rank.
    Though I heard or read somewhere that, these days business organizations and companies are not looking for a better Alexa rank page, instead they are concentrating more on Domain Authority of the page.
    And to my surprise, I noticed that some of the top bloggers all over the world having a poor Alexa rank and instead they hold a better DA. In such cases what is the value or meaning of having a good Alexa rank?
    Hope you will share your thoughts on these findings.
    Nice speaking to you.
    Keep in touch
    May you have a wonderful and profitable weekend.
    Best Regards

    1. You are true to a great extent and having a good Alexa rank is indicative of a great site but not the only metric. DOMAIN Authority is a much more reliable metric and that’s why everyone uses that these days!

  20. In my experience, Alexa Rank has nothing to do with backlinks count. I have seen many blog under 1 lakh alexa rank with very few backlinks.

  21. Are these Really working? I am using alexa toolbar, alexa widget and but updating blog weekly once or twice. I am not getting good results, even I am loosing alexa rank to my site lallabi .com

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