post penguin seo strategies don't over optimize

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  1. Hi Aditya,
    So that’s how it works. Thanks for writing a post on it.
    I’ve happily shared it on Inbound for you.

  2. “Write what strikes you, mold it to your niche. What’s the point of blogging if you don’t like it”

    This line forced me to make a comment of appreciation. This is what most of the bloggers don’t understand. Affected bloggers are mainly the ones copying topics and re-writing stuff from Big blogs.

    Nice article, pretty clear, not just out-lining things for the sake of filling out article. Thumbs Up!

  3. Hi,

    These are some great tips, especially about the over sharing. I had no clue if you overshared you could get penalized. Also like the tip about the amount of tags.

    I used to put a ton of tags on my posts. Now I put less and I wasn’t sure if I was doing it correctly. However, after reading your post about “less is more” I know that I’m doing it correctly now.

    Thanks for sharing and I hope you have a great day.

    1. Yes mam, you will notice the effects in a week or so. Just keep posting regularly. The hummingbird update too has been a pain. We are analyzing it and will share what we have found which no one else would have revealed, soon!

  4. I think you mentioned some excellent points here which every blogger should not only implement, but also understand.

  5. Thanks Aditya. It is true that over optimization always harms your website and your subject of the article “Less is more” is quite good. I really like it. Now at present SEO strategy has been changed and quality is very important not quantity. It will give you proper results after your work is done.

  6. I am often into blogging and I am a fan of your content. This specific article of yours has really caught my interest. And I loved how you described the penguin update recovery techniques. I am going to bookmark your website and keep checking for new information.

  7. Great post Aditya.
    I think the post penguin world is a lot different than what it used to be. I am still learning a lot like the anchor text variations and LSI keywords. LSI keywords are something that I am still in a little doubt, how to use them to the fullest.
    However the post was very informative and thanks for sharing it with us.
    Cheers 🙂

  8. Now a days, Google is updating Penguin SEO strategy constantly. So we must follow according to update. It helps to get better rank in search engine. You mentioned on Tag & category very correctly. Lots of blogger use them wrongly. So your article will be a guideline for them. Thank you.

  9. Hello,

    It is clear that Google is focusing on quality content sites, so we must optimize our blogs for readers and not only for search engines. The best are really informative.


  10. Thanks for delivering this article. It will be useful in SEO strategy. But this update is affecting only old sites. My old sites are affected a lot but new are not. What is main reason behind that. Please post in your next blog post.

  11. Hi Aditya, I have started blogging 4 years back when I was in my B.Tech 1 year . Everything went fine then and I used to rank a fresh blog of 2 months on blogger for all my keywords within a day. I have skipped blogging for four years and have recently started blogging again. Things are very new now. Everything has changed and so does my strategies. I am writing without even concerning about my keyword a lot. Thanks for such a neat note of what has been happening and which explains your learning curve. It certainly will help me to bounce back and hit it hard. Thanks again!

  12. Now Google is doing the great job of eliminating the spam posts of published blogs and article, and only thing to be kept in mind is to do optimization for online user, post only relevant things.

  13. Very helpful article, I am always interested in new things about Google and it’s strategy of improvements. thanks and keep writing!

  14. People first decide the keyword and then write an article on it. This is where the meaning of blogging contradicts.
    Blogging means write whatever you have knowledge about or feel about. Google is smart enough to rank those articles that were written straight from heart or mind and not on the basis of any keywords.
    Keep calm and write more 🙂

  15. Google is updating Penguin SEO strategy all the time. So we must follow according to update. It helps to profit enlarged rank in search engine. You mentioned on Tag & category intensely correctly. Lots of blogger use them wrongly. So your article will be a guideline for them. Thank you.

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