Tim Cook comes out of the closet: So what?

Recently Apple CEO Tim cook announced that he’s gay in this post on BusinessWeek. This was not much of a shock to many as there had been a potential build up of information over the matter of years since 2011. Cook’s recent disclosure will somehow further sensitivity towards the LGBT community. But most of the online community is already abuzz with many expressing shock and some of them coming out in support. We at Inspire2rise have just one thing to say for Tim,

“We are proud of you!”

tim cook ceo of apple incAnd no this is not because of the fact that our team has any members of LGBT community. Though we would love to have some equality over here. But the point is that what Tim Cook does with his life and what his orientation is has nothing to do with the work he does and his contribution to the society.

So stop making fun of his sexual orientation and instead focus on making the world a better place and maybe a little more open minded. Here’s the link to the original article that broke the news which appeared on BusinessWeekly.com

For sure Tim cook’s coming out will make it somewhat easier for people worldwide to accept their sexual orientation because a man in his position and stature can be like that, so can be other people elsewhere.

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Tim Cook comes out of the closet: So what?

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