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  1. An amazing article! Really worth thinking of the issues and questions you put up! these guys launched, which promises to find the info of any building/place/person just at blink of the eye are actually supported by the data( even critical at times), these social networks from Google (G+) and android data collection schemes. These guys are really upto something BIG!!
    You're genuinely right at the part that the data we upload on Drive must be either password locked or encrypted.

  2. To be honest. I didn't understand what do you mean to say in the conclusion but the post was worthy enough to read. All the points are valid and Google is collecting personal data. But I don't know the reason behind that. If you know It would be great if you reply me in simple plain English ? 😀

    1. In simple plain english :
      Google is collecting all this data just to build a huge database/inventory which can fuel an artificial intelligence system ( maybe in the near future ).
      Such a system would be all knowing, all encompassing ( because the wealth of information it already has due to years of data collection by Google! )

  3. Though they say they don't do Evil. They do evil by giving user's private info to Govt. organization.

  4. Hello,
    You have wrote a good and informative post.Can You suggest any way to secure our privacy? Everyone Needs a God (Google) in this era for information.One can secure data by buy private e-mail id with domain name as i think.But for information on which search engine we put a trust.every one is greedy for data,personal online world i put trust only on wikipedia. .

    1. You can use Tor browser to safeguard against IP tracers. And then do what you do. Try searching on YouTube for Anonymous' guide to online anonymity/secrecy. I watched that one long ago, it will help you and suggest an alternative solution!

  5. I like the idea how Google Glass’s attempt to remind us of J.A.R.V.I.S – Iron man’s super advanced A.I. It's time to sit back and observe what is actually happening in real time.

    Amrik Virdi.

  6. I am often into blogging and I really admire your content. The article has really grabbed my interest. I am going to bookmark your website and keep checking for new information.

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