TSMC 2nm Node Progress on Track, N3X and N2 in 2025

TSMC reports smooth progress on 2nm node; N3X and N2 processes set for late 2025, promising industry-leading technology.

TSMC reported significant progress with its 2nm node using Nanosheet (GAA transistor) technology.

TSMC 2024

At a recent tech forum, Co-COO Zhang Xiaoqiang stated that the conversion performance of the nanosheet has reached 90% of the target, with a yield rate exceeding 80%.

TSMC aims to launch the N2 process in late 2025, asserting it will be the leading technology in the foundry industry.

Concurrently, the N3X process, tailored for HPC applications, will debut, boasting higher voltage and improved performance metrics compared to N3P.

In the second half of 2026, TSMC plans to mass-produce two 2nm variants: N2P and A16. N2P will enhance power efficiency and performance, while A16 will introduce backside power delivery, increasing frequency and reducing power consumption.

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TSMC 2nm Node Progress on Track, N3X and N2 in 2025

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