TSMC’s second-generation 7nm+ process mass production has started!

First time usage of EVU, extreme UV lithography!

TSMC officially announced that it has begun mass production of 7nm N7+ process. This is the first time that TSMC has also used EUV. Mass production using EUV lithography technology has now been achieved for the first time. It is of great significance and is also a big step ahead of Intel and Samsung.

TSMC said that the 7nm+ EVU process yield has increased to the same level as the original 7nm, which will significantly increase the capacity of the 7nm process chips this year.

TSMC expects that the total capacity in 2019 will be equivalent to 12 million 300mm wafers, of which 1 million will be in the 7nm process, a 150% increase from last year.

tsmc 7nm plus process kirin 985

According to previous news, Huawei Kirin 985 will be the first to use the TSMC 7nm+ EUV technology, which is expected to be used in the Mate 30 series. Despite the US restrictions, TSMC has made it clear that at least it will not stop supplying to Huawei. ARM has also cut ties with Huawei but the future is still unclear as of now!

In addition, Apple’s A13 chipset this year will also use TSMC 7nm+, and this year’s new iPhone relies on it.

TSMC future plans and roadmap

TSMC also revealed that it is steadily advancing the next-generation 5nm process and fully applying EUV technology, and has begun trial production of such chips. It is expected to do full-fledged mass production for 5nm process in the first quarter of 2020.

A new plant in the Southern Science and Technology Park in Taiwan has begun equipment relocation and installation and will launch 5nm directly next year when it is put into production. And they might even start preparing for the future 3nm process.

In addition, TSMC also has a transitional 6nm process, based on 7nm improvement. It is expected to undergo trial production in the first quarter of 2020. This would be a suitable pathway for the direct upgrade of existing 7nm process users.

So guys are you excited about these latest chipset enhancements and improvements by TSMC? Do let us know in the comments section below!

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TSMC’s second-generation 7nm+ process mass production has started!

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