Xiaomi launches Redmi 2 and Mi pad in India

Today Xiaomi’s International VP Hugo Barra announced the Redmi 2 as well as the MI Pad in India. A lot of questions were answered as an eager crowd posed many questions to the Xiaomi team. The Redmi 2 is an overall good upgrade from the previous Redmi 1s as it sports a bumped up front camera, MIUI 6, better than the previous one Snapdragon 410 chipset with a 64 bit architecture and an even thinner bezel while maintaining the same screen size. The phone is a solid device that improves upon it’s predecessor and sweeps the competition in this price range by a big margin!!

Some of the comments regarding the availability of other Xiaomi products by Xiaomi VP Hugo Barra include,

“We are in the process of bringing the Mi TV and the MI band to India soon but it would take time.”

When asked about whether anything was being done over the issues of fake MI products being circulated in the Indian market, Hugo said,

“We are already in the process of removing such counterfeit products wherever they are available online and to ensure authenticity of our products always buy from our official partners i.e. Flipkart and Airtel stores!”

The Mi pad came as a surprise announcement and for a price of INR 12,999 only the device is a value for money tablet device which breaks many norms as it sports a 4:3 display like the iPad which is not present on many Android tablets which sport a 16:9 resolution. The Redmi 2 is also an overall excellent product. The MI pad is one of the first tablets with the Nvidia Tegra K1 chipset and in it’s price segment it’s the best performing tablet. In specs department it does beat the Nexus 9 tablet too everywhere except for the performance benchmarks! A detailed hands on and review post of both the Redmi 2 and MI Pad is coming soon on Inspire2rise.com, till then stay tuned for more!

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Xiaomi launches Redmi 2 and Mi pad in India

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