What Are Backlinks? What’s their SEO Impact and Advantages?

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If you are a webmaster or someone who’s looking to increase the search engine performance of your website then you must have heard of the term “Backlink“. Now if you are not familiar with SEO i.e. Search Engine Optimization and its types which are On page SEO and Off Page SEO then here’s a quick breather for you. 

On-page SEO deals with how you write your content and how it’s optimized for search engines to pick it up. While on the other hand Off page SEO deals with how your webpage is being linked to or referenced by other sources on the Internet which point out the page’s relevance and authority for a particular search term. So Backlinks are an integral part of your website’s Off-page SEO efforts. Read on to know everything about them in detail.

What Are Backlinks?

Backlinks are vouches for your website when another website links to a page of your website from their website.

Why Are They Important for SEO?

Backlinks are a “vote of confidence”, and they signal search engines that your content is authentic. So, backlinks can improve a site’s ranking position or search visibility as pages with a high number of backlinks are crawled faster by search engines.

Important terms you must know:

Link buildingLink building is the process of getting Backlinks from high-authority sites.

Link JuiceLink Juice is a term used to describe the value a link passes from the page the link is on.

Do-Follow Links Do-Follow links allow search engines to crawl and pass the link juice as a vote of confidence.

No-Follow LinksNo-Follow links do not allow links to pass link juice as a vote of confidence, it tells search engines to ignore that link.

Link ExchangeLink Exchange is a mutual agreement between two websites to agree to link to each other.

Anchor TextAnchor Text is the visible and clickable text in the hyperlink.

Trust ScoreTrust Score is a metric to determine the quality of a backlink.

Click-Through RateClick-Through Rate is a gauge of the number of clicks you receive on a backlink.

Unnatural LinksUnnatural Links are links that come from artificially created or automated sites. They are penalized by the Google search engine.

Hidden LinksHidden Links are only visible to search engine bots to manipulate ranking. Most search engines penalize hidden links which employ colour or CSS tricks.

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Advantages of backlinks in SEO:

  1.  Improved Ranking:

    Backlinks tell the search engines that the site is authentic and that it is voted by other authoritative sites. This improves off-page SEO. Google’s ranking algorithm measures quality backlinks, the more quality backlinks you have better the ranking.

  2. Brand Authority:

    Backlinks from high-brand authority sites tell the search engines that content is high quality. It results in making your brand strong and results in a higher domain authority for your website.

  3.  Organic Traffic:

    The best thing about traffic from a backlink is that you get people that are also interested in your content. So, If your backlink is from a quality website then the traffic you would be getting would be organic traffic.

  4. Directory and Resource:

    If you have solved the pain points most people are looking for then people will be happy to put your website on their curated lists of links to external websites. It will result in getting more organic traffic to your website.

  5. Promotion:

    Backlinks will keep chaining your content on websites all over the internet. Quality backlinks will continually promote your content and generate organic traffic to your content.

  6. Credibility and Reputation

    Backlinks from a reputed website enable trust in people. It will make your site stand out and build credibility, thereby improving your reputation.

How to get Quality Backlinks?

  1. Guest Blogging:

    Guest Blogging is when you write content for another person. You can find a “Write for us” page on many sites as it helps guest bloggers and owners both. The owner of the website gets fresh content, and you get an opportunity to obtain backlinks from their site.

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  2. Quality Content:

    Write quality content, having quality content will get you a reference on someone’s website who makes content in the same niche as you. You also get featured on resource compilations or curated lists.

  3. Spy on Your Competitors:

    Your competitors will have backlinks for content. You can use this to your advantage. For this, you need to find broken links or outdated content and mail people hosting the original content and offer your website’s content as a backlink.

  4. Participate in Different Forums:

    People always ask questions on different forums. You can solve their pain points and link your website for backlinks. Being active users of a popular forum in your niche will also get you organic traffic.

  5. Skyscraper Content:

    Skyscraper content is reverse engineering already existing content and making it better. By using this method you can send proposals to replace existing backlinks with your backlinks. In case the content you create is better than what exists out there eventually people will link back to you as a more credible source of information.

  6. Testimonials:

    People are looking for testimonials for their products or service. You can use your established brand to write testimonials and get backlinks on their website. You will also be perceived as the leader in your niche by doing this as well.

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This was all about Backlinks. For anyone who’s interested in keeping their SEO strategy sharp, making and maintaining their rankings for a longer period of time and in general better search presence. Then Backlink creation and analysis is a must-have tool for your arsenal.

We hope you found this guide informative, in case you have any doubts regarding Backlinks or how to gain more quality backlinks then do let us know in the comments section below!

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What Are Backlinks? What’s their SEO Impact and Advantages?

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