Sureshot Ways to Beat Procrastination for Bloggers

As a blogger, what do you fear the most?

Suspension of AdSense account? Rejection of your adsense request? Drop in traffic? Drop in authority rankings of your website?

That list can go on and on, but the main blockade in your blogging journey is not these. It is something not very materialistic and maybe you are doing it right now!


Everything related to blogging, in fact the very first idea to start blogging comes from the brain. If your brain clogs up, then everything else does too. Brain is the root of all thoughts, with the help of it you can think more and devise more and more strategies; and if it stops then so does everything.

Who are the procrastinators? These are those folks who dreams big of making a million dollars (to name a few of their dreams) but couldn’t get off the bed and actually start working towards the goal. They dream big, but couldn’t execute it. They dream big of living in a penthouse, having lavish cars, then get out of the dream, compare the dream to their life and then cursing them and their life. And, thus making him/her miserable and lowers down his productivity. And procrastination is not just a issue for the bloggers, people of all professions scare of it and wants to stay away from it.

As said by Napoleon Hill,

“Procrastination is the bad habit of putting of until the day after tomorrow what should have been done the day before yesterday.”

Instead of looking for the right opportunity to nail it, they will wait for the opportunity to come. You might even get an opportunity like that, but better be a millionaire at 30 or 40 than be one at 90, right?

Bloggers are one of the most creative, but procrastination clogs up the mind up of these bloggers–lowers the productivity and snatches the creativity of the mind. Brain is a ball of thoughts, it can do wonders if used properly and in the proper direction.

So here are we with some effective ways to tackle procrastination and get the best out of you and your brain!

Divide the Big work into small-parts. Not only for blogging, it is also an important life skill. In our life, we have big dreams and ambitions of making more money, landing up prestigious jobs and so on. By dividing your ambition into small parts, you can achieve your goal successfully and also in a short span of time.

But the first important thing is to identify the task. You might have several tasks, choose the most important one and which needs to be addressed first. Divide that work in at least 3 or 5 points.

First, think how will you achieve the target, suppose achieving a higher PR rank. First things first, name down what are the factors responsible for influencing the PR of any website. Let’s say its by building good and authority type and backlinks and kick the bad links out of your blog. Then think on how to get good links and divide it into more subsection like: guest posting, commenting on forums and various blog etc.

Similarly, for the bad links divide it into small chunks–such as searching for the bad and broken backlinks through websites like broken link checker.

Use the 2-Minute Rule.
James Clear is an awesome and influential writer and an entrepreneur, famous for his 2-minute rule.

Under the rule, if you are learning something new or trying to do something new, just assign only 2 minutes for the task at the start. Be strict and devote only that much time even if the task is big.

Why so? Because you won’t feel burden of learning many things at once and clamp down on your brain. Its just like breaking the big task into smaller pieces to a extent.

By this, you can think more effectively and understand it much better. And if you continue to do this, after a fixed period of time you will gradually develop love for that and start increasing the limit from 2 minutes to 5 minutes to 10 minutes and possibly for hours.

Kick the Fear of Failure

Nothing clamps your mind more than the failure. The thought that you might fail and that people will make a laughing stock out of you restricts you to take new steps and to try something new.

See, people learn from mistakes. To learn something new, to be more successful, you have to taste the failure. And it all comes to how you take the failures. You might see it as a stepping stone to success or a meteorite in your path. And perhaps failure is the best teacher, it will teach you what is right and what not is.

Also try to be accountable to someone, maybe friends and colleagues. Try unique ways to get productive and counter procrastination, such as challenging your blogger friends on who will finish writing 5 articles fast.

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Sureshot Ways to Beat Procrastination for Bloggers



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Sayantan Mahato is an fun-loving freelance writer, who blindly believes that Pens are more powerful than Nukes. He has been working with many top-notch blogs which includes EliteDaily, LifeHack & ShoutMeLoud and is eager to write for your blog!

Sureshot Ways to Beat Procrastination for Bloggers

2 thoughts on “Sureshot Ways to Beat Procrastination for Bloggers”

  1. Hi Sayantan,
    Thanks for writing on a topic that everyone (especially we bloggers) can relate to. I said bloggers and online entrepreneurs because we have no bosses to yell the hell on us.
    I think James’ 2 minute rule is awesome and it’s the best thing I have learnt to beat procrastination till date.
    I have set up my backup plugin and one more customization on the site because of this one rule. Thanks for adding a few more to adopt!


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