Best YouTube SEO tips to rank better on YouTube


YouTube is the second largest search engine after its father Google. Now you understand the power of SEO on Google Search, but YouTube SEO tips are something that you should know about and harness. You have been uploading videos for a while but still don’t get the desired ranking and love from the audience. May be SEO is missing from your videos. So here’s a list of our quick SEO tips for YouTube which can help rank your videos better.

Best YouTube SEO tips: The guidelines to follow

1. Title and Keywords:

Best YouTube SEO tips to rank better

Title of the video on YouTube should be such that when someone reads the title, they get a quick understanding of what the video is about. You can take help from the search engine auto complete feature, so that you can understand what kind of searches are people doing related to your video. Similarly, you can also use YouTube’s auto complete search feature as well. Type in a few words related to your video and YouTube will give you automatic suggestions. Using one of those suggestions, you can create your video title so that it ranks better!

2. Description:

Description is 2-3 lines about the video content. For example: If I am making a Video log about my books, I will write; ‘’ Book Review: Scion of Ikshavkau by Amish Tripathi. Rating 4*/5 for the soul of the story and amazing creativity to make something fresh out of epic tale of Ramayana”. Description helps users further to understand what the video is about. For description also, you can use Google key word search and YouTube keyword search as suggested above. But do make sure that you have keyword rich and really long descriptions because YouTube can’t see your video but it can know more about your video content from the description you put up on your videos, so make sure that you included as much data as you can relevant to your video and also include links to your other related YouTube videos as well as other external resources.

Reading now: Best YouTube SEO tips to rank better on YouTube!

3. Video file name:

Before uploading the video, make sure to name it correctly and according to the content of the video. Having video file name similar to video title gets better ranking and SEO score. Search engines cannot search inside the video content; therefore priority must be given to video title as well as video file name before uploading. Having a name like: Example_video_title.mp4 helps in better ranking on YouTube search!

4. Closed Caption feature:

Closed caption is a feature which you can use for translation and better narration of the video. Closed caption shows text over the video which can make video narration and translation in various languages possible. YouTube’s latest algorithm automatically converts your voice into transcript which makes easier to activate it. You can also write closed caption manually for no sound videos. Words used on close caption also get recognized by Search Engine which can help to improve rankings of your YouTube videos.

5. Tagging and Keyword research:

Just like a regular blog post where in you out tags related to the post, YouTube also provides you with option of tagging. You can tag things related to your videos like the brand of the product you are reviewing, let’s say L’Oreal. Now you can tag what L’Oreal product you are tagging and so on and so forth. Tagging makes YouTube look into your videos further and make them rank better.

Reading now: Best YouTube SEO tips to rank better on YouTube!

6. Thumbnails:

Best YouTube SEO tips to rank better

Thumbnails are like tiny marketing banners for your videos on YouTube. So make sure you customize it from time to time and under proper strategy. Make sure that the thumbnail you select represents the video content. If you work with animated marketing videos, use the most colorful and attractive ones that can stand out. Make sure to use high resolution pictures with at least 640×360 pixels, the higher the better. If the resolution is low, people perceive that the video is also of low quality. So make sure to put up good quality and high resolution thumbnails so that people don’t get a chance to question the quality of the video.

7. Call to Action

Best YouTube SEO tips to rank better Just like the Facebook pages feature, call to action is like a clear action that you want the audience to perform. It is recommended to always add one so as to increase engagement amongst the subscribers. You may create a call to action to subscribe to your channel or order the product that you have reviewed. Through CTA, you can also measure the effectiveness and performance on your video. CTA’s can also help you in understanding what will work with your audience and where is your maximum engagement coming from.

8. Paid Promotion:

For starters, no matter what social media platform, paid promotion is something that works really well. There is so much content available on the web and awesome ones too. How do you make your work stand out and make people notice it? To facilitate so, you can invest in paid promotion. Paid promotion pushes your videos on YouTube in front of others and makes it more visible. The more visibility, more engagement would follow. YouTube also keeps a tab on video engagement, the more engagement you get, YouTube will rank your video better.

Reading now: Best YouTube SEO tips to rank better on YouTube!

9. Social Profiles

Best YouTube SEO tips to rank betterYou can link your YouTube channel with your other social media profiles. Also, the number of URL’s you place is totally up to you. Connecting all your social media profiles is like an act of responsibility which can make people come back to your channel again and again. This also leads to quality interactions that make them want to explore your videos more.

10. Watch time:

Watch time is one of the greatest YouTube SEO factors and YouTube determines whether your video is relevant or not based upon how much watch time your videos had. The more your videos are being watched and the more complete they are watched, the better they rank. The greatest step you can take to improve the watch time on your videos is to make sure that you upload only quality content on your YouTube channel and keep posting regularly, this makes sure that you will definitely have a good watch time which in turn will improve the ranking of your YouTube videos!

So guys this was it for our best YouTube SEO tips to rank better, in case you liked this guide then don’t forget to comment below and do like this post and share it on your social networks!

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