YouTube testing automated thumbnails for creators to stop Clickbait!

YouTube has made another move to stop spam, clickbait thumbnails and fake videos.

You must have seen some attractive thumbnails on YouTube as soon as you open the homepage and once you click and play that video, you are disappointed to know that the content has nothing related to that thumbnail or it is just fake. Recently, clickbait thumbnails have conquered YouTube under every genre- From gadget review videos to stand up comedy. To put an end to this clickbait YouTubing practice, YouTube is testing an experimental feature that will generate thumbnails automatically.

This new experimental feature came to limelight when a guy called Rayo Alarcón Gareca asked YouTube via Twitter why his video thumbnails were removed and replaced. In a reply, YouTube notified to him that currently, they are running a small experiment where 0.3% of viewers will see an auto-generated thumbnail, instead of a custom thumbnail. In the reply, the team also made it clear that there will be the option to create custom thumbnail but some users might now see them.



This may also be good for those users who often see thumbnails from channels they didn’t subscribe because those channels rose to ‘trending page’ with clickbait thumbnail. So, in that case, such issues can be resolved and users can have the peace of mind. This might not affect the current user baser of popular YouTubers or for those who have a substantial fanbase, but this will stop new and growing channels from creating clickbait thumbnails to get more and more views.

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youtube automated thumbnails for videos

So, as of now, only 0.3% of the viewers may no longer see the custom thumbnails. This figure is not very big but it will surely hurt the new and growing content creators. However, all these are quite surprising as content creators, as well as viewers, are demanding many features. But, only recently after Instagram launched IGTV, YouTube has been quite active. Just a while ago, it was found that now YouTube will allow the Picture-In-Picture mode to regular users without the YouTube Red subscription as well in the US.

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YouTube testing automated thumbnails for creators to stop Clickbait!

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