Users in the US need not pay for YouTube Red to enjoy Picture-in-Picture mode!

YouTube Red provides the benefit of Picture in Picture mode for videos, but YouTube is now providing this feature to many regular users.


YouTube Red, the ad-free premium version of YouTube just doesn’t remove ads and brings some exclusive content. It also offers the Picture-in-Picture mode to the subscribers, a feature helpful for multitasking. Using the Picture-in-Picture mode in YouTube app users can watch videos in a floating window over any other apps they are using and now the Picture-in-Picture Mode is available to even the regular users in the US, who are running Android Oreo. Google started testing this feature in May and provided a sneak peak of the same to regular users.

XDA Developers first spotted and reported this. Later, Google’s Support Page confirmed the same. However, there are a few terms. First of all, this feature is being offered to free users in the US only as of now, so users in other regions will have to wait a bit. The Picture-in-Picture mode will not work for all kinds of videos. While the recent reports have claimed that it works for most videos, videos containing music content will only work for those who pay for YouTube Red.

XDA Developers spotted first that YouTube PiP is working for free users
XDA Developers spotted first that YouTube PiP is working for free users

As of now, there is no way to forcefully enable it. YouTube is enabling it via a server-side switch on different versions of the app. However, a toggle to turn on or off the Picture-in-Picture mode can be seen in the app settings. If you are in the US, you may try it right now by playing a video and tapping the home button. If you don’t see any changes, check the settings. In the settings, if there if you don’t find any toggle, you will have to wait to get it.

YouTube provides the rights to the uploaders or content creators to turn off Picture-in-Picture for their videos. That is why most music videos won’t support the Picture-in-Picture mode. Probably the feature will roll out globally soon. Though it may be a coincidence that YouTube made this move right after Instagram announced IGTV.

There’s also vertical support for content coming soon to YouTube. But would it be too late? Only time can tell!

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