Facebook adds trending topics feature to main site

Facebook adds trending topics feature to streamline news posts for users on the site.

So, this fine day like any other social media savvy user I was scrolling down my Facebook feed. Then all of a sudden my eyes caught glimpse of something new in the Facebook layout. Facebook has a reputation for silent changes, and this one too has just been rolled in. The signature text at the end says that this feature is rolling out slowly and currently available only to few people.

Facebook adds trending topics feature to sidebar


After clicking on the above trending news about “Justin Bieber”, this separate feed with news compiled from various places related to him started showing up.

Facebook adds trending topics feature to sidebar new


This feature seems like an aim to improve upon existing functionality and it also seems like a bit of late catch up game being played by Facebook to mimic social networking rival Twitter’s real time nature.

This feature is currently being rolled out to people living in U.S.A, United Kingdom, India, Canada as well as Australia. With time everyone will start seeing this feature and it will be rolled out to other countries as well.

Going by the feed arrangement it can be speculated that the buzz feed being shown there does the job of sorting the posts on the basis of user engagement, i.e. number of likes, shares, comments etc.

Facebook is playing gracefully so as not to be left out of the innovation part in social media. A lot of new players and entrants are trying to eye the vast market that Facebook has created. Whether Facebook is able to retain it over the course of next few years or a new “NEXT BIG THING” arrives on the scene is a matter of intense debate and speculation.

Let’s wait and watch and see what happens. All in all this update has benefited the end users who would now be able to actually see what is happening worldwide within the comfort and confines of Facebook’s walls. Though we can’t expect to be really instantaneous and source of ground-breaking information like Twitter but still we at Inspire2rise think it can get the job done!

Facebook adds trending topics feature to sidebar


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Facebook adds trending topics feature to main site

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