Tips to improve Technorati Authority rank : Blogging tips

Technorati is an online blog directory with over 125 million of sites in it’s index. Thousands more are added to it everyday. Among all this competition it becomes very difficult to stand out. So having a good Technorati authority rank can cut the long route up. So here at Inspire2rise, we bring to you tips to improve Technorati authority rank. So that you rank better, and rank higher!

What is Technorati ?

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Though we have explained it in the first para, let’s dive into some detail. Technorati is a blog search engine and directory and it crawls and indexes possibly millions of blogs, and that too in real time. Every blog present in their directory is scrutinized and analyzed closely. Technorati uses an algorithm known as Technorati authority rank to sort blogs. If you don’t have your blog in Technorati directory then you can manually submit and once you are approved you can see your category wise authority.

What is Technorati Authority rank ?

Technorati Authority Rank is on a scale of 0 to 1000. The authority depends on several factors like the popularity of the website, content quality, authoritative back links and many other things. On first submission you will receive an initial authority and most probably it would be one.
NOTE: All top sites have authority over 900. So now you know what you are after! Check the official FAQ.

What are the benefits of High Technorati Authority Rank ?

Technorati has PR 8 . If someday you do make it to the front page for an extremely good write up or article, you will get some really good link juice. If you have a high Technorati authority rank, then you will get ranked higher in their searches and it will increase traffic to your website. Also a good technorati rank is an indicator of your website’s trustworthiness.

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So let’s discuss Tips to improve Technorati Authority rank :

 1.) Tips to improve Technorati Authority rank : Add Technorati tags to posts.

If you make posts and add Technorati tags to them, they would help you rank higher in Technorati searches. Performing better on Technorati would also help the Google Page rank scores. An example would be like this, to add the following tags : “Game development”, “Blogging”, “Tech”. Follow the given syntax.

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Technorati Tags:

<a href=”” rel=”tag”>Game-development</a>,

<a href=”” rel=”tag”>Blogging</a>,

<a href=”” rel=”tag”>Tech</a>

2.) Tips to improve Technorati Authority rank : Get others indexed or ask them to submit their blog to Technorati.

Simply ask those blogs/webmasters who link to you to get themselves indexed by Technorati. If they are too lazy to do so, ping Technorati with their pages. The more linked pages to you are in Technorati the greater is your Technorati Authority rank boost.

3.) Tips to improve Technorati Authority rank : Write about a focused niche.

If you are a starter and your focus is not to build a multi-niche blog specifically then stop straying between niches. Focus on and stick to a particular niche like “News” or micro niche like “SEO” which comes under the larger niche of blogging.

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4.) Tips to improve Technorati Authority rank : Persist in your blogging efforts. And host contests & giveaways.

Be consistent and write on trending issues and topics related to your niche. Try to persist like Rocky Balboa did. Don’t give up easy. Hosting contests and giveaways on a regular basis would keep the visitor flow to your site intact. And a steady readership would be generated thus.

tips to improve technorati authority rank 2
Notice, the high number of sites linking in. This sets you apart from the competition.

5.) Tips to improve Technorati Authority rank  : Comment and guest blog on high technorati authority blogs.

Those blogs/websites which are already in Technorati index and are high ranked than you, or are just in the index deserve your attention. Go comment on them, guest post. Do whatever it takes to have natural link building.
This will help you improve your Technorati Authority rank.

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Hope you understood this article and the importance of Tips to improve Technorati Authority Rank , stay inspired to rise.

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Tips to improve Technorati Authority rank : Blogging tips

27 thoughts on “Tips to improve Technorati Authority rank : Blogging tips”

  1. Thanks for the tips!.I was wondering since a long time how can I increase the Technorati authority.This will be extremely helpful. I will try and use your tips.I hope my ranking is gonna improve.

  2. Good article Aditya, but please elaborate whether 6558 is a good rank to have on Technorati, I have been stuck there for some time now. Will add the tags in future.


  3. Thanks for the tip specially tip # 1. Should I add the tag to all my post even in old post or should I just add them in succeeding post?

  4. Informative guide. Technorati rank is displayed by calculating the new backlinks those are generated in last 3 months. Building links for just few months and taking rest for next few months may also reduce your technorati rank


  5. I always used to study piece of writing in news papers but now as
    I am a user of net therefore from now I am using net for articles or
    reviews, thanks to web.

  6. I submitted my current blog on Technorati in July and currently i have a rank of 97. The first days of my submission i had near 110 but not updating my site regularly caused the rank to drop. Also, as i had submitted another blog in the past, i noticed that their acceptance procedure has become kind of weird. They kept declining my blog claiming that it had problems like title doesn’t match the description and stuff like that, which clearly wasn’t the case. I think in the past it was much more difficult to rank high in Technorati as the authority was determined only by the links from other Technorati blogs, if i remember correctly.

    On another note, you have a really nice website here. Thanks for the tips and keep up the good work.

  7. I just got listed in technorati and I was searching what it is and how to increase technorati authority. This really helped me to know more about technorati. Thanks bro.

  8. Thanks for sharing these tips in this post. By this I am aware of this seo factor and will work on improving my rank!


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