[INFOGRAPHIC] How People Use Smartphones To Shop


Online shopping has increased to a great extent these days. Major Ecommerce players too are now tapping in on new markets and new people who head daily to their sites and mobile applications to buy new stuff! So today we have brought an Infographic post for you which sheds light on how people use smartphones to shop.

Mobile phones or smartphones, initially an addiction to teenagers, now a boon to consumers! One device which can perform tasks like a computer or a laptop. Simply download the required app and let your fingers do all the magic! Even those power point presentations that your boss needs urgently can be created and edited on your smartphones and tablets.

One of the main aspects of smartphones that many e-commerce companies are using these days is shopping. E-commerce giants like Flipkart and Myntra have now diverted their focus from sites and have shifted major focus to being app-based. No, they are not crazy but people who have seen the facts.

4 out of every 5 mobile phone user shop through their smartphone! Out of all the tasks that we perform on our device, 26% of those tasks constitute of shopping online or browsing through new collections available on different sites. And why not? Why take the hassle of opening up a laptop and then sit down for shopping when you simply need to download an app and browse through different things at one go.

Also, we do not use our laptops as much as we use our smartphones and tablets. Even when we travel in the metro, many women are logged into their Jabong account for shopping or Grofers account to order groceries without going through the hassle of driving down to the store and pick them up. Everything is on the go for e-commerce giants and hence, mobile is a platform where they want consumers to feel their maximum presence.

As per Forbes Magazine, 91% of mobile users keep their mobile at their arms length. And even more important fact, 9 out of 10 actions by mobile users convert into site clicks and lead to the half number of sales. Also, mobile perform 4.5 times better than online advertisements and create much more brand awareness including the willingness to buy a product. Now who would want to miss out on an opportunity to create their presence mobile friendly?

Do check out this neat infographic which sheds more light on how people use smartphones to shop these days.

how people use their smartphones to shop
Infographic: How people use their smartphones to shop !

How people use Smartphones to shop



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