Intel Comet Lake Desktop processor leaks, 14nm+++ and more!

10 core, TDP 125W, more overclocking ability and more is coming next year!

Intel will launch the Comet Lake desktop processor early next year, which is the 10th generation Core processor. Since the beginning of this week, news about the 10th generation Intel Core products has continued to emerge. It is now established that the core count for the 10th generation Intel processors has increased. And this time around the i9 will reach 10 cores and 20 threads.

intel comet lake s platform details

According to the latest leaked information, Intel’s 10th generation platform will use the LGA 1200 socket. The low-cost energy-saving CPU TDP would be 35 W. The mainstream consumer-grade CPU TDP would be 65 W.

The top of the line SKUs would come with a TDP of 125 W.

In contrast, the i9-9900K has a TDP of 95W. It seems that Intel will revert to a high-end processor by increasing the number of cores and power consumption even if it does not change the process.

In terms of other specifications, the 10th generation Core will come with more CPU and memory overclocking capabilities. The processors will also come with USB 3.1 Gen2 support along with supporting WiFi 6 and Bluetooth 5.0. In addition, the new 400 series motherboards will still use PCIe 3.0.

intel comet lake desktop processor leaks and info

According to few other leaks, in the Intel Core 10th generation, the i3 processor will be upgraded to quad-core and eight threads. The i5 would be upgraded to 6 core and 12 threads. The i7 would be 8 cores and 16 threads. And finally, the top of the line i9 would be upgraded to 10 cores and 20 threads. In addition, the internal graphics will also be upgraded to the UHD 730.

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The news about Comet Lake has also been leaked before. But there are still a lot of doubts about these new leaks posted on the Reddit forums. And we are still not certain about its authenticity. However, considering the strong competition from AMD’s 7nm Ryzen 3rd generation and Intel’s own 10nm mobile platform upgrades. It is now reasonable for them to introduce a more enhanced version of the 14nm Core product lineup.

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Intel Comet Lake Desktop processor leaks, 14nm+++ and more!

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