Life is a constant battle : Jeevan ek Sangharsh hai

Here we are back on, you must be thinking where is this writer gone these days. This guy who talks straight to us. The one who doesn’t hide behind the veil of paid writers and sponsored posts. This person where is he lost. And you also are wondering whether this post is actually going to fill you with forced motivation with just some carefully placed words or will it actually cajole your spirit out into doing some serious action. Life is a constant battle, well everybody told you so at some point of time in your lives. But midst all the rush and coercion of completing tasks on time you loose that essence. That essence of laughing it out and just letting it go with time. That feeling which tells you to give all of you to a task not because you will get something good out of it. But only because that’s the only natural way to do anything! So let’s go on further and break it down into parts and understand why I am discussing this here today.

Life is a constant battle : The breakdown.

Why is life a constant battle? Why can’t it be just simple? Why can’t I wake up every morning feeling the same happiness? Why do I have to hold on to people who are no good, just to give me a sense of validation? There are so many whys. and so less time to find all the answers.
But time teaches us. It taught me that life is a constant battle because we all have a purpose. If it was so easy to achieve, then there would have been no fun in going on. I learnt that we can’t be happy all the time. But we can be helpful and good to others all the time, and it compensates for personal losses. I learnt that maybe when you keep forcing a smile, a day comes when it starts coming naturally to you. That feeling when someone else picks it up and you can see the happiness spreading is unfathomable.

Life’s a battle because if it was too easy then it would have not been worth it. The harder it is, the more thrill is there. The more is the effort involved. Though there would be more heartbreaks and failures too. But in the end it would be worth it.

This one day I was coming back home from work. Though I run a site named Inspire2rise but that doesn’t make me immune to feeling down. So I was lost in thoughts and just thinking that would I ever be able to make it big. Would my questions be answered someday? All types of thoughts were roaming in my mind, and then I saw this one thing. You just can’t imagine how much hope a few unexpected letters can give to you.

Have a look yourself.

life is a constant battle
Life is a constant battle. Fight it!

Life is that feeling of being alive, and if life hadn’t been a battle I would never have felt alive. You need to feel alive, get out there, get moving. Get stuff done. Talk to others. Learn something new. Teach someone something good. Help that poor kid on the street. That guy who boarded the bus and sang fifteen long minutes, appreciate him if you can’t give him some money. That person selling corn on the street. Buy it from him and break it in two and give it to his child who is hiding in the sidelines and watching people eat stuff that his father is selling. Life is a battle, make sure you are not fighting it alone. Keep making friends along the way. Keep helping others, and soon you would have an army besides you.

You wanna see a miracle son?


Stay inspired to rise fellas, till next time.
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Life is a constant battle : Jeevan ek Sangharsh hai

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